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Top 5 Family Cricket Clubs in London

23 July 2023

Most cricket clubs offer youth teams with a range of ages so that kids can earn their place in the correct age-bracketed team. Exceptionally talented children may be offered the chance to step up an age range by virtue of their sheer talent. As you might expect, there are some extremely high-quality cricket clubs for families in London and we have taken a look at some of the best that the Capital has to offer.

Fulham Cricket Club

The Fulham Cricket Club prospectus for junior cricket offers support for many different age groups, starting at ages 5-8. The lower age group uses soft balls and all the other groups from 8-11 and upwards use hard balls. There are practice sessions across different age ranges offering a taste of the different types of cricket skills that can be trained. You can take part in anything from a junior match to a session at the nets practising batting and they helpfully include availability information on their website.

North London Cricket Club

North London Cricket Club was founded in 1877 so has been around for quite some time. Despite that, it is not stuffy and unwelcoming. There are over 325 young players who are registered with them and take an active part in training and playing for the junior teams. 

In addition to the junior teams, there are also four senior men’s teams and two senior women’s teams, so the parents could even end up playing as well.  

Teddington Cricket Club

One of London’s premier cricket clubs, Teddington Cricket Club has senior and junior teams and competes in all of the major club competitions. New players are welcome and all ability levels are catered to. They have a multitude of teams spread across the different junior and senior age groups so there is sure to be something to suit your child.  

This is a supportive environment for new junior players to learn in, with a qualified coaching staff and active club community giving it a real family feel. 

Brondesbury Cricket Club

Located in North-West London, Brondesbury Cricket Club has a real family club atmosphere and they have significant plans for the future. They especially welcome junior players and offer coaching and encouragement to help them to reach their full potential in the sport. It is important for children to know that they are not just tolerated but welcome and this is something that is offered by Brondesbury Cricket Club to all the junior players.  

Barnes Cricket Club

This family-friendly cricket club which is situated on the banks of the Thames in South-West London is an ideal introduction to the sport for your kids. They have junior and senior teams as well as experienced coaches to help young people improve and be the best that they can be. 

One of the innovations offered by Barnes Cricket Club is that they hold cricket camps in the summer months that offer an intensive and immersive training and coaching experience to young people.

Photo by john crozier on Unsplash

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