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Where Can Children go in Europe to do Bobsleigh?

11 March 2024

Bobsleighing is an excellent, authentic winter sport, full of fun and adrenaline. To be successful requires strength, speed, top physical fitness and the ability to work simultaneously with a team.

Although your child needs to be at least 16 to experience genuine bobsleighing, it’s worth a go. They might discover a hidden talent; in fact, most bobsleigh Olympians are older because they cannot start training until this age. Opportunities to explore bobsledding are not as rife as some other sports; however, if you want to experience it, book a taster and see if it’s for you. Here are some of the top places across Europe that will give you that chance.

British Bobsleigh and Skeleton, Bath

The British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association (BBSA) in Bath is a great place to start. They offer taster sessions you can book through their website.

During this experience, your child will receive guidance from a world-class coach and have the chance to test their new skills against the clock and see how quickly they can race. As mentioned above, your child would need to be 16 to participate in this taster; however, they also offer skeleton trials for children aged 12-15.

La Plagne, France

If you’re looking to experience all things bobsleigh, it might be worth heading to La Plagne, home to the French Olympic bobsleigh track. Here you can book to taste the thrills and adrenaline of bob racing with all family members over the age of 16.

Luckily there are other options, including the bob-raft, which steers and brakes automatically, making it a safer option and one that younger family members can also join in with.

Riga, Latvia

Another great spot for some bobsleigh fun is Riga in Latvia. Here you can discover one of the longest tracks in Europe, measuring around 1420 metres. Your child can ride a soft bob, which may be a little more forgiving, or experience the real deal with an Olympic-bob. Riders can also try the skeleton or book a combined package including all 3 options. Then afterwards, let their nerves calm, soak up the beauty of the surrounding area, and capture the moment with a photo.

St Moritz, Switzerland

St Moritz, Switzerland, offers fantastic opportunities to experience the Olympic bobsleigh track as a guest. Here, an experienced bobsleigh pilot takes passengers down the breathtaking course in one unforgettable experience. After the ride, and as part of your fee, your child will receive a drink to calm their nerves and a certificate to show their bravery. Booking is easy via their website.

Lillehammer, Norway

The Scandinavian region of Lillehammer offers a unique bob-riding experience for children under 16. This Olympic winter sports track has so much fun to offer and opportunities not found in many other countries. From 10 years old, children can ride the wheel-bob, and the bob-raft, a more sedate route down, and from 16 plus, they can experience the real deal.

Photo by Rafa De

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