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Top 5 Toboganning Spots in Europe for Children

11 March 2024

Bobsleighing is an exciting hobby and one that will equip your children with an excellent skill set. It will also see them develop qualities they can use in all aspects of life. For children living in the UK, the opportunities for bobsleighing are limited, and with one main run for everyone, it’s not a place to provide regular lessons. It’s also not a sport accessible to children under 16 because it requires a huge amount of strength and stamina, and it has the potential to be dangerous.

However, if your child is keen to get into bobsleighing, it’s worth spending a great deal of time exploring sledging and tobogganing. These two activities will help your child develop a sense of understanding about moving on a vehicle and begin to learn some of the essential skills. Then, when they reach 16, they’ll be ready and raring to start on a bobsleigh.

Plenty of places across Europe offer tobogganing and sledging, but here are 5 top spots worth looking into.

Engadin, Switzerland

Engadin has a great selection of tobogganing and sledging runs that are suitable for everyone in the family, from the young to the old. It’s a place where you can learn but also improve when you choose runs with more curves requiring more skill. The surroundings are beautiful, too; you can even toboggan by the light of the moon.

South Tyrol, Italy

If you fancy heading somewhere a little different, South Tyrol, situated in the Dolomites, has some of the best tobogganing and sledging for all abilities. One run begins 6,000 feet up and takes around 30 minutes to reach the bottom. It's fun for the whole family and is a beauty hotspot.

Val Thorens, France

Children can experience a toboggan sensation at the Val Thorens club. Here they will learn the essential skills of tobogganing and make their first steps toward piloting a bobsleigh. It is home to the longest toboggan run in Europe, called Cosmojet, which takes around 45 minutes from start to finish. Children aged 5-8 are free to use this slope but must stay on an adult's lap. Children aged 9 and above can ride independently. 

Tirol, Austria

Tirol is home to some fantastic sledging and toboggan runs for children and families. It has miles of runs to explore and navigate for hours of fun and laughter. The great thing about these runs is that they continue into the night so that you can enjoy a serene, night-lit sledge ride. It’s also a great way to build essential skills and strength.

Meribel, France

Another great sport for sledging and tobogganing is Meribel in Southeastern France. This spot is perfect for families with younger children, as there are options for your whole family. It’s worth looking at their website for more information about ages and time. However, there are plenty of slopes to suit varying abilities, and the site is open through the day and into the evening.

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

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