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Overseas Bobsleigh Training Camps for Kids

11 March 2024

If your child has shown they might have what it takes to progress in bobsleighing and wants to immerse themselves more, it might be time to look further afield to what is available across the globe. 

The UK does have facilities for training the Olympic bobsleigh team and offers taster sessions for skeleton and bobsleighing, although the opportunities for budding bobsleigh champions are more limited. However, throughout Europe and America, mainly due to the climate, there are many more options and opportunities for winter sports, including bobsleighing.

Bobsleighing is a challenging and potentially dangerous sport, and across the globe, children under the age of 16 cannot participate because they do not have the strength and skill to keep it safe. However, they can have a go at tobogganing and sledging.

So, if your child wants to pursue their bobsleigh hobby, here are 4 of the best overseas training camps to give them the boost they need.

Whistler, Canada

If you can get over to Canada, then the Olympic park in Whistler has opportunities galore for many winter sports and the facilities to train young bobsleigh hopefuls. From ages 16 + they offer a range of courses, including 1-day discover, 5-day foundation bobsleigh school or a full-season training programme that will see your child reach top-performance levels. You might also be lucky enough to watch a professional team train during your stay.

The park also hosts other great winter sports opportunities, so it’s worth checking out all they offer and making the most of it. 

Swiss Olympic Training Centre

With bobsleighing originating in Switzerland, taking a trip to the Swiss Olympic Training Centre is an excellent choice. Although these camps are for the elite and those training for top events, it's a place your child would develop at an incredible rate. 

Here they will progress and compete to a high standard and have the opportunity to compete in some of the world’s most recognised and rewarding sporting events. 

Utah Olympic Park

This fantastic setting in the USA gives children aged 16 plus their first taster of the sport. It's a part-time training course to allow students to continue their studies but give them an excellent head start into the sport of bobsledding and skeleton. 

At this camp, they will learn the firm foundations of running a bobsleigh and skeleton race to make safe choices, build skills, have fun and meet new people. This opportunity is a great starting point to move forward to more rigorous training programmes in the future.

Innsbruck, Austria

If you’re looking for top-notch bobsled training, then the 5-day training camp in Innsbruck, Austria, may be precisely what you’re looking for. It’s very popular and regularly sells out; however, it will give your child an incredible opportunity to progress in the sport. With hotel and transfer included in the price, it doesn't come cheap but will cover all aspects of the sport with an Olympic coach as their guide.

Photo by Sai Mangalagiri on Unsplash

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