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Where Should Children go in Europe to do Biathlon?

25 November 2023

Already a hot sport in the mountainous regions of Europe, where the snow falls each winter, now it is growing in popularity with many others from around the world seeking the cold and giving the biathlon a go. 

With so much to offer in terms of fitness and skill, biathlon is an excellent choice of sport for your child and, in fact, your entire family, particularly if you love the snow but want to try something a little different from downhill skiing or snowboarding.

So, if you’re keen to pursue your interest in biathlon, here are some of the top European spots to give it a try.

Winkl, Bavaria

The Nordic and biathlon park in Winkl is excellent for your children to experience cross-country skiing. It has a lot to offer and will give your entire family a love for the sport. It’s great for beginners and those who have tried it before and would like to develop their skills. Winkl has a dedicated cross-country track, perfect for little legs, and can provide introductory sessions to practise shooting a target. The Nordic park even has a half-pipe, an 8-metre-long snow tunnel and plenty more fun.

Cairngorm, Scotland

Nestled within Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, it is a wonderful little place to experience biathlon without needing to travel too far. Founded by Olympic biathlete Mike Dixon, it offers a range of cross-country skiing, roller skiing and biathlon to adults and juniors. Prices are reasonable and sessions run throughout the year. Children aged 9 and above can join junior classes, and adults of all ages and experiences can enjoy the sports.

Alpe Dhuez, France

With the slogan Take on the Challenge of Biathlon it’s no doubt a great place to start your journey. This opportunity runs multiple times a week during term time and the holidays and is available for children aged 8 and above. This option is perfect for whatever stage of biathlon you are, even if you’ve not tried it before but fancy having a go, and with sessions lasting 2 and a half hours, you’ll surely improve quickly!

Les Menuires, France

For a great introduction to the snow and the first steps of biathlon, this may be the place for you. Starting from 6, children can learn the skills involved in cross-country skiing and develop the strength needed for prolonged training. Then when children reach the age of they will learn the rules and regulations of biathlon, improve their cross-country skiing and be taught how to use a laser rifle to hit the target.

Obertauern, Austria

Obertauern offers biathlon for everybody, young and old. They have a newly established biathlon area and provide lessons for beginners through to more experienced athletes. They have a 7km cross-country track for you and your family to explore. It’s also great to look into other opportunities in the area and make the most of your stay.

Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

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