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Top Biathlon Clubs in Europe for Children

26 November 2023

Biathlon is excellent, and it’s a unique opportunity for your child to develop skills and life-long qualities whilst meeting new people and having lots of fun. Unfortunately, in the UK, biathlon is not really an option; although the country can offer lessons to shoot targets, it cannot support the cross-country skiing that is such a large part of the winter biathlon. 

Luckily, there are a great many destinations across Europe that are totally geared up for the sport and provide clubs that your child can make the most of.

Swiss Ski School, Across Switzerland

The Swiss Ski School company runs many ski schools across Switzerland, and around 7 offer excellent biathlon courses. These are suitable for beginners who have never tried the sport before and want to get a feel to work out if it’s for them, to the advanced who want to hone their cross-country and marksmanship skills. So, wherever you’re heading in Switzerland, it’s worth seeing if there is a Swiss Ski School option available to book your child onto.

Les Rousses, France

Les Rousses ESF in France offers dedicated lessons for children to learn and improve biathlon skills. From the age of 8, children can enrol on the Introduction to Biathlon lessons, where they will learn cross-country skiing skills and practice shooting with a laser rifle to a distance of 10m. Then from 10 years old, children can take the next step, join regular training sessions, learn and practise more cross-country skiing and shoot on a 50m rifle range. Les Rousses also offers private lessons for beginners (age 8) to adults.

Les Grand Bornand Village, France

Les Grand Bornand in France is a great club for your child to attend regular biathlon training. From the age of 9 until 15, they can learn essential marksmanship skills and how to become strong and efficient cross-country skiers. 

It’s a popular choice, and booking is advised before arriving. It’s also worth checking out their website because the place has a lot of other exciting opportunities available for the entire family.

Hohenzollern Skistadion am Arber, Germany

If you’re travelling to Germany and fancy pursuing your interest in biathlon, then Hohenzollern Skistadion in Germany is a great option. Here they offer instructions on how to use the rifle, shooting techniques and how to improve at cross-country. 

This course is not easy, and whether you're a beginner or not, they will push you in their 3-hour training session, which runs through the winter on snow and is adapted for the summer to include running. To enjoy this option, children need to be around 14.

Les Chamonix, France

Les Chamonix has biathlon opportunities for children and adults, but for you, the Kids Group Lessons- Biathlon is the option. For children aged 8 and over, courses will teach discovery skating and laser rifle shooting, and at the end of the 6 days, they will receive a medal. Session last for 2 hours, during which they will have great fun and learn an excellent new skillset.

Photo by KD on Unsplash

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