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Overseas Biathlon Training Camps for Kids

25 November 2023

For your child to get a feel for biathlon, it might be a good idea to consider an overseas training camp. There they will learn about their chosen sport and have a lot of fun with like-minded people. 

If you’re unsure what it is about, here are some of the top training camps for kids outside the UK.

International Biathlon Union Camps

The IBU- IOC camps are an excellent palace for your child if they are serious about biathlon and are for athletes showing great talent, commitment and dedication. They accept children from 15 years old and include accommodation, meals, equipment and an educational programme. Camps take place throughout the globe periodically throughout the year and are around a week long. 

The IBU camps offer an opportunity for your child to train physically and mentally in a combination of theoretical and practical activities.

Youth Camp Biathlon, Oberhof, Germany

The youth camp in Oberhof is a fantastic opportunity for budding biathletes to dedicate time purely to the sport. The course only occurs once a year and is a wonderful way for them to learn even more from dedicated top coaches in a friendly and supportive environment. 

The camp lasts for 6 days and includes accommodation and meals.  From the course, your child will learn through varied training sessions to build skills and stamina across the sport and seminars to support the theoretical side of things.

Craftsbury Outdoor Centre, Maine, USA

This biathlon camp in the USA is a fantastic opportunity for skiers who are new to biathlon but want to try it. As most other centres are for children who already have excellent biathlon skills, this is for those starting out and is low-key and fun. 

It is a summer training camp, so instead of cross-country skiing, your child would roller-ski or run, but they will still have the opportunity to learn the skills involved in shooting and hitting a target. It lasts for a week, and at the end, the team holds a friendly race to bring their new skills to the test.

Crosscut Mountain Sports Centre, USA

The Crosscut Mountain Sports Centre in Bozeman provides biathlon opportunities for young, aspiring athletes. They provide training year-round to age groups, including an under-12 programme, an under-14 programme and a 16/18 programme.

The camps support juniors in all aspects of the sport, teach them the skills of cross-country skiing, and shooting, but have provision for summer camps to continue to build strength and stamina through roller-skiing. 

Les Elfes International Camp, Switzerland

Voted World’s Best Ski Resort, Les Elfes in Switzerland has much to shout about. They offer one of the best biathlon camps for children aged 6-17, lasting between 1 and 4 weeks. The camps provide essential skill-building and a lot of fun through games and activities such as igloo building. They also offer language courses and an introduction to Swiss culture. This may not be a camp that will immerse your child in biathlon, but they will come home with a massive smile on their face and many treasured memories.

Photo by Aaron Doucett on Unsplash

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