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Top Beach Volleyball Clubs for Kids in the UK

24 November 2023

Beach volleyball is a great game to involve your children in. It’s not a common sport for children to want to participate in, but that makes it no less fantastic! To start with, it’s fun and sociable; your child will make new friends and be part of a community of players.  The game is physical, so they will improve their general fitness, but it will also teach them excellent life skills, such as strategy and quick-thinking problem-solving.

Finding a beach volleyball club in the UK may be more challenging than other more common sports, but it’s not impossible, and if you live near the coast, you’re more likely to find somewhere. However, if not, you could consider indoor volleyball, which uses a similar skillset.

So, if your child is showing signs that beach volleyball is for them, here are some of the top beach volleyball clubs for kids in the UK.

Academy of Beach Sports Volleyball Club, Croyde (Devon)

Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, why wouldn’t North Devon have a beach volleyball club? This club offers classes to juniors aged 8+ through to adults, and they play on the beach during the summer before taking it to an indoor court for this winter. This club will train children for fun and introduce competition if your child wants to.

Deep Dish Beach Volleyball Club, London and Bournemouth

Deep Dish Beach Volleyball club offers two venues, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth. The London site has a purpose-built sand court to play on, and the Bournemouth site uses Canford Cliffs. This beach volleyball club is well-structured and expanding. It offers the opportunity to play from the age of 5 years and train them in age-appropriate groups to become top players who regularly compete.

Exmouth Beach Volleyball Club, Exmouth

Exmouth Beach Volleyball Club is a super friendly community of players, largely due to the venue being a large town. They take children aged 12 and above and run their courses through the summer, from April to September, using the soft sands of Exmouth beach. There is no indoor facility, so play stops during the winter months.

Sideout Beach Volleyball Club, Worthing

Sideout Beach Volleyball Club is the UK's largest beach volleyball club. It has excellent facilities for players and plenty of courts and is the go-to for major tournaments held in the UK. Sideout is an inclusive club offering places for children aged 5+ through adulthood. They offer great opportunities, as well as lots of fun!

Skyball Beach Volleyball Club, Yorkshire

Skyball Volleyball club offer indoor court volleyball and the beach variety. They take juniors aged 12 and over but strongly suggest they have some prior experience playing the game indoors. It is a smaller club and offers spaces for eight children at a time. However, this means that if they get a place, they will have excellent coaching and close attention paid to their progress.

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