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Do Kids Need to be Tall to Play Beach Volleyball?

24 November 2023

Beach volleyball is an excellent sport, and a child who regularly plays will develop life-long skills and qualities that they can use in many situations. It is ideal for physical development, and staying active will help to keep your child on top of their mood and emotions.

However, when it comes to guiding our children with specific hobbies and wanting them to seize every opportunity, it is normal to question whether they are suitable for that sport. Although all children can adapt and progress with regular coaching, sometimes, we wonder whether their personality type or physical attributes may hold them back. This is true of beach volleyball, and one question often raised is whether or not children need to be tall to play.

Why might you need to be tall?

It’s a common thought that to play beach volleyball, you need to be tall, and it’s easy to see why. Taller players will naturally be able to reach higher and be quicker to get to the net and hit the ball back over. They will most probably be able to jump higher to power the ball, which could work in the team's favour and score extra points.

Do children need to be tall?

The truth, however, is that you don’t necessarily need to be tall, although it can help. Firstly, a whole beach volleyball team consists of a range of players of differing heights; taller players may be better closer to the net. However, smaller players are usually chosen to play further back, where being closer to the ground is a huge advantage.

Secondly, although a player may be tall, they might not have developed other beach volleyball skills as well as another team member. If a tall player finds they cannot react quickly enough to the play, strategise as well or jump as high, then a smaller player will perform better.

What else will they gain?

Height aside, beach volleyball is for everybody. Whether or not your child reaches a standard to play tournaments, that’s if they even want to; they will also gain a great deal of other skills from playing the game for fun. 

As well as helping them to stay physically fit, by playing beach volleyball, your child will also develop their agility and ability to move quickly and increase their hand-eye coordination. Through beach volleyball, your child will think laterally, using strategy and develop quick-thinking problem-solving.

But most importantly, however, by playing your child will have fun, build life-long friendships and be part of a beach volleyball community, giving them a strong sense of belonging.

Why are they playing?

You also need to think carefully about why your child is playing. Although some children will make it to regional, or even a national standard, most won’t, and that’s perfectly ok. Enjoying the sport, playing with friends and staying physically active are just as amazing. Beach volleyball is for everybody and should be fully inclusive.

Photo by Del Adams

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