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Can my Kids Play Beach Volleyball at the Olympics?

24 November 2023

The Olympics is one of the most recognised sporting events in the world. People from almost every country come together to compete in 32 different events, from swimming to skateboarding and, of course, volleyball. 

Two varieties of volleyball have a place at the Olympics; court and beach, although currently, Team GB does not enter this category, with the last time being in 2012. However, that’s not to say they will not in the future, and if rising talent made it clear that Team GB could train an excellent team, it’s likely they would.

Getting to Olympic standard is no mean feat. It takes a lot, but it’s not unrealistic. Here are the top  things your child would need to compete at the Olympics in beach volleyball.

Commitment and Drive

Undoubtedly, being dedicated and committed is one of the most significant factors in reaching the Olympics. The sport would become a lifestyle choice over a hobby, and the training could reach 20-30 hours a week. Your child must understand they’re in it for the long haul. It sounds gruelling, but you must put in the hours to be the best. Your child must also want it; they must have passion and an innate drive to work hard, reach their goal and not give up.

Natural Aptitude

All children should be able to try and progress in sports, such as beach volleyball, in an inclusive and supportive environment. However, your child would need a certain amount of natural ability and aptitude for volleyball to reach Olympic heights. This primarily comes down to luck and the combination of genetic codes they receive. For volleyball, your child would need to jump high, have excellent hand-eye coordination and be agile, meaning they can move and change directions quickly. Volleyball is an individual or team sport made up of 2 or more players, so they would also need to communicate well and work as a team.

A Top Coach

Alongside natural talent, you need a professional to train you to a high standard, which comes in the form of a top coach. There are many volleyball clubs around the UK where your child will begin with fun classes, but as they progress and if they show signs that they have what it takes, they’ll most likely join an academy that will take over the training to help them reach Olympic standard.


At the heart of everything your child does, is you, the parent. Reaching Olympic standards takes years of your dedication, driving them to and from training sessions and tournaments. It also takes a lot of financial commitment as the years leading up to the Olympics will include vast training. You also must be in it as much as the child and be willing to support them at whatever the cost. This is important to consider, as this dedication could impact other family members.

Photo by Mateusz Dach

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