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5 Qualities Beach Volleyball Teaches Children?

24 November 2023

Beach volleyball is an excellent sport for your child to engage in, and there are clubs up and down the country, both coastal and inland, waiting for them to start.

Through games such as volleyball, your child will gain qualities that will put them ahead at school and in the future. If you’re unsure what your child will achieve from playing the game, here are 5 qualities that beach volleyball will teach them.

Gain confidence

When your child begins to play a new sport, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle to get to grips with it. However, they will improve with dedication and hard work, and for children, this brings excellent self-confidence and a sense of achievement. Spending time and working hard to get good is an intrinsic reward, meaning it has made them feel good on the inside, which is the most powerful and motivational reward.

Learn to read people

Reading people is a skill that can take years to achieve, usually only in adulthood. However, when children play strategic games such as volleyball, they constantly have to foresee what their opponent is likely to do, and over time, they will probably get quite good at it. Being able to read other people in games such as beach volleyball is essential if they’ve got winning in mind. 

Understanding people is also a valuable tool to use in the real world. It might help them at school, in social situations and when they search for future careers.

Become Strategic

Beach volleyball is a lot about strategy, which means assessing a situation before it happens to determine what you intend to do, which is an excellent way of training your brain to think. It could put your child ahead of their peers in a particular situation because it helps them to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. As with learning to read people, strategising is a sought-after skill in the adult world and could help them with future employment.

Physically Agile

Beach volleyball is about being agile, which means moving quickly in various directions. Players need this skill to reach the ball before it hits the sand. Agility is a transferable skill and will help your child achieve when they play other games, such as football, tennis, and hockey. 

As well as excellent agility, when your child plays a game such as beach volleyball, they will gain other physical qualities such as hand-eye coordination, and an improvement in their overall physical health, leading to a generally happier outlook on life.

Become a Team Player

Beach volleyball requires great teamwork because your child will often play with somebody else. They need to learn to cooperate and communicate effectively. These are also fantastic life skills for many situations. Working as a team also requires you to keep a hold of your emotions and develop sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is the ability to keep a good ethos, play fairly and remain considerate, whatever the game’s outcome.

Photo by Julia Sakelli

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