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Top Beach Handball Clubs for Kids Abroad

24 November 2023

Handball is a great sport for your child to get into. It’ll help keep them physically fit, encourage them to meet new people and teach them many intricate skills they can use for other sports and other aspects of their lives. What’s more, if your child really takes to handball, there are fantastic opportunities to progress and play at a regional and national standard.

A side step from handball is beach handball. This is very similar to the game played on a court, just with sand between their toes. There are some great opportunities for adults to join a club in the UK, but the options are more limited for children. However, if it’s something your child is keen to pursue, you can look further afield at clubs across Europe and beyond.

Goalcha, Denmark

Goalcha club in Denmark is an excellent alternative to traditional handball. It’s just for children and offers more fun and fewer rules for a better and less rigid experience. It places a higher focus on the social side and more straightforward play to develop fundamental skills with less pressure on training for competition. 

The aim is to promote the love of playing beach handball, and the club will play it anywhere; sometimes it’ll be at the beach, a park, or indoors.

Mini Beach Handball, Portugal

The sunny beaches of Madeira, Portugal, offer beach handballs for children in two groups. After conducting research, the club decided to provide a mini beach handball for children under 10 and ultimate beach handball for children under 12.

The younger age group will engage in fun activities to learn the basics of the sport, but with reduced rules and guidelines. Then as children progress to the older age bracket, the court and ball size is as an adult would use, and they introduce more rules. One thing is for sure: children will have great fun and meet many new friends.

Melbourne, Australia

If you’re looking for something much further afield, you could consider the European Handball club of Melbourne. It may be a long way away, but the game's rules will be similar. 

Because the weather is so good, clubs run throughout the summer for under 8’s and 11s, with children joining these clubs from as young as 6. The club makes the game fun and inclusive and develops team spirit and a range of physical skills.


Finally, consider joining a beach handball training camp in Mauritius for something very different, which is a fantastic option for top players who want to excel in the sport. Available to young people from 18 years and last for around 4-6 weeks. Some of the country’s top coaches will support players at a national level and help search for another local talent.

Whilst in the beautiful country, it is worth soaking up some of its incredible cultures, exploring its natural beauty and turning it into more than a beach handball trip but a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Photo by Fernando Gallego on Unsplash

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