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Basketball Hoops for Toddlers

15 July 2023

Basketball is great for toddlers. It helps to develop hand-eye coordination and other gross motor skills, while also getting kids moving and improving their general fitness. It's also a sport that's simple and easy to learn and play.

When selecting a hoop for your toddler there are a few things to consider. First, toddlers’ hoops look a lot different to traditional hoops. It’s unlikely that a toddler will throw a basketball with any real form of control, so the hoops are designed to maximise fun and engagement. Safety is also an important feature in toddlers’ hoops. Most are freestanding, and made of lightweight plastic.

Little Tikes Adjust ‘n Jam Basketball Set

Simple and effective. This is a cute little freestanding basketball hoop designed to replicate the real thing. It stands just like a regular hoop, with five adjustable settings, meaning children can start young and it will grow with them. It is sturdy, hard-wearing, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Little Tikes Attach & Play Hoop

This fun little hoop hangs over the back of the door and comes with a bespoke small ball. It has three adjustable heights, the longest being almost to the floor, meaning it is accessible for very small children and it can grow with your toddler. One of the most fun features is the detachable rim - specifically designed to recreate a super slam dunk!

Littneo Basketball Hoop for Kids

This lovely little freestanding hoop is perfect for children from ages 3 to 5. It’s got three adjustable settings - 3.1 ft, 4.2 ft and 5.3 ft, - which gives it great versatility. It can be put on the floor or set up on the sofa for a range of fun games.

First Play Floor Basketball Net

Floor basketball nets are a great investment for toddlers. They give toddlers access to the fun of a slam dunk, safely and without risk. The net is housed in a sturdy frame and - being on the ground - it’s easy for children to develop their throwing and their aim. 

Little Helper 2-in-1 Kids Basketball Stand

The backboard of this fun, freestanding hoop is painted as the face of a quirky cartoon character that’s guaranteed to delight your little one. It can be set at just the right height for your toddler to pop the basketball into the rubber hoop, or can be adjusted slightly to allow for some throwing practice. One of its coolest features is the football goal set on one side of the basketball post, so your toddler can practise two sports at once!

Costway 4 in 1 Climber Slider Set 

Not so much a basketball hoop as a climbing frame. This one’s made like a castle, with steps, a slide, and a basketball hoop set onto the side. This one’s all about fun. While it might seem that the basketball hoop plays a small part, it’s great for helping your children form positive first experiences of playing basketball and developing their basketball skills.

Costway 3 in 1 Kids Basketball Hoop & Stand Set

This is another one that maximises the fun. It has a cool teddy bear cartoon, but that’s not its best feature. As well as a basketball hoop, the set features a hook for children to throw hoops onto, and a little goal net at the bottom. All three activities are great for developing children’s physical skills and hand-eye coordination.

Photo by Sidhesh gavali

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