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Baseball and Children - FAQs

23 November 2023

In the UK, cricket and rounders are much more widely played than baseball. However, baseball is a fun sport that helps children stay physically active and it's gradually growing in popularity on this side of the pond.

As a parent, you may have some questions about baseball and children, and we will be answering some of the common ones to help you get your children to enjoy baseball.

Let’s go!

Where can I find baseball teams in the UK?

The British Baseball Federation is the governing body for baseball in the UK and their website includes a map of baseball and softball team locations. There are teams in most larger towns in England, with fewer opportunities in the other constituent countries, but new teams are starting up all the time.

When Should My Child Start Playing Baseball?

It’s probably best to introduce your kid to baseball between ages 4 to 5. At that point, your kid can join a T-ball team, if there’s one in your area, or you can play casually in the park. As they advance in age, they will be able to get more involved and better at baseball.

What are the Best Fun Baseball Drills for Kids?

Many baseball fun drills get kids immersed in the sport early. These drills are simple and entertaining baseball exercises to do during practice to keep your players interested and productive. They include:

  • Exit Velo Game
  • Goalie Drill
  • Knock It Off Drill
  • Obstacle Course
  • Pass The Bat
  • Put On The Gear Drill
  • Tennis Racquet Scrimmage

What are the Benefits of Getting Kids to Play Baseball? 

Baseball is a fun way to get your kid outside and active, helping them spend some time away from the television and computer.

Also, your kid will learn the value of working as part of a team to attain a common goal. They can also develop as individuals when allowed to bat, pitch, or run the bases.

You might not expect this, but your child’s arithmetic abilities can get a boost from playing baseball. In order to excel, kids will need to draw on and develop abilities in arithmetic and physics since the game’s rules are somewhat complex and dependent on these disciplines.

Above all, when it comes to baseball, size doesn’t matter, and youngsters of various shapes and speeds can find the sport enjoyable.

How can I Help Prevent my Child from Getting Injured?

Make sure your child listens to their coach and wears the necessary protective equipment, which may include a helmet, padding, and a glove, depending on their role.

Warming up and stretching thoroughly before and after playing will help reduce the risk of muscular injuries.

Also, teaching your kids proper throwing mechanics will ensure their arm is properly positioned during the whole pitching action.

What Are the Warm-Up Activities My Child Can Do Before Baseball Games?

It is crucial to spend sufficient time warming up and stretching before the start of a game. Excellent warm-up activities include stretches, running/jogging, or brisk walking for three to five minutes. 

As part of a warm-up routine, it is recommended to stretch slowly and then hold each position for 30 seconds. For around 3–5 minutes, the kid can repeat the same stretches and movements from the warm-up.

Photo by Pixabay

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