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Why Kids Love Badminton

23 November 2023

We all know badminton as the racket game played with a high net and a shuttlecock. It is a game often played by adults because it is fun, a great source of exercise and a social occasion. However, kids love it just as much and for similar reasons. So if you’ve not thought about introducing the game to your children yet, now might be the right time, and here are the reasons why.

It’ll Boost Their Mood

When children participate in physical exercise, their bodies release endorphins. Regularly playing games such as badminton will help your child to feel much better about themselves. Endorphins will make your child feel happier and give them a more positive outlook towards all other aspects of their lives.

As well as boosting endorphins, engaging in physical activity will increase your child's general fitness and leave them energised for life. Good general fitness will help your child sleep, improve their focus, and support them through the school day. When your child feels good about themselves, they will also be able to cope better when things are not going as planned.

It Involves Teamwork

Badminton involves playing alongside others which makes it very sociable. To succeed, they must work as a team, cooperate and communicate. These are excellent life skills, but learning to work together to win is also a great accomplishment. The social side of badminton is also ideal for building your child's confidence. If they play as part of a club, it’ll help them make more friends in their local community and allow them to play with a range of other young players. 

It’s Non-Contact

As children grow up, what kinds of games and sports they prefer will become more apparent. Racket games may be the answer for those not keen on high-impact games with large teams, such as rugby and football. It's also a safer game where the risk of injury is much less.

It Increases Brain Power

When playing Badminton, not only will your child increase their physical fitness, but also their mental fitness. Although you can play badminton with two players, one on either side of the net, it is often a game of 4, making two teams. Success in these teams involves a great deal of strategy and communication. As part of their team, your child will need to try and foresee their opponent's move and react quickly.

It's versatile

The fundamental rules of a badminton game are widely understood, and at an amateur level, it’s pretty straightforward. However, did you know that you can play a range of games in badminton? These keep the game fresh and exciting, and children will develop other skills and have more fun. Using a wall to hit against and introducing targets are just a few, but the possibilities are endless. As your child becomes more familiar with badminton, they might also think of their twist to the game.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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