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Why is Badminton a Great Family Sport?

23 November 2023

Badminton is an excellent choice of sport if you’re looking for a great family game to play and keep active. It’s inexpensive, especially if you may make the one-time purchase of equipment, because you can play as often as you like in your garden. Alternatively, speak to your local leisure centre and check their availability. Either way, there’s no doubt that badminton is a great family sport, and here’s why.

You Can Reconnect

Any game, including badminton, that you play together as a family, will help you unwind from your busy everyday and reconnect with what’s most important; your family. Scheduling this precious time is so important because it allows your children to see that they are essential to you and that you want to spend time with them. Playing games, having fun and reconnecting also boosts your relationship and may also mean your child will seek your help if they have a problem at school or with friends.

Fun for everyone

The joy of badminton is that it’s fun for your entire family. If you’re a family of 4, you can all play at once; if there are fewer, you can make small teams, and if there are more, you can make it a bigger game and turn it into more of a competition. The best age to begin playing badminton is around 7 when your child has the strength, stamina and hand-eye coordination to hit the shuttlecock. Children younger than 7 may enjoy collecting the shuttlecocks, or you could lower the net and provide larger rackets for them to practise with.

Healthy Competition

Competition is a part of life, and often children have a natural competitive streak. Playing as a family introduces a healthy outlet for competition and can add to the fun. Competition also walks hand-in-hand with emotions, and playing together in a supportive environment will help your child to learn and practise sportsmanship. You can also help them deal with frustration, disappointment and anger and help them to show appropriate and considerate emotions when their team wins.

Transferable Skills

Playing Badminton is excellent for your fine motor skills. For children, it will help to develop and refine this essential skill, and for adults, the only way to keep your hand-eye coordination sharp is to practise, and badminton is the perfect game. Hand-eye coordination is a skill your child will use in many areas of their lives, and practising it will help them with many other sports, writing, and crafting.

Good Exercise

Lastly, playing Badminton will leave you fully exercised. You will have worked your muscles and increased your heart rate, and because badminton is actually a pretty strategic game, you will have given your brain work out too. When you engage in this kind of physical activity, your body also releases endorphins which make you feel great. Regular physical exercise, such as badminton, will help your whole family feel better, sleep better, and your bodies work better.

Photo by Oleksandr P

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