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Badminton and Children - FAQs

23 November 2023

Badminton is an excellent game for your children to engage in, and there are many clubs up and down the country you can attend. However, if you’re new to the sport and feel unsure whether it is the right thing for your family, here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide.

What age should my child start?

Most badminton clubs suggest the best age to start playing is around 7-8 years old, which is when they are stronger, have more developed hand-eye coordination, and can meet the demands of the game. At this age, they will also feel a sense of achievement as they progress. 

Most children younger than this may find it too challenging. However, some clubs take younger children to develop fundamental racket skills, which will put them in good stead to play the sport later.

What will my child gain from Badminton?

The list of benefits to your child when they take up badminton is almost endless. Physically your child will progress and learn a new skill set that will benefit other games and sports they choose. With regular physical activity, your children will also become stronger and build stamina, meaning they can play or participate in other sports for longer without getting too tired. 

By joining a club or just playing with friends, they will also enjoy a social experience and have the opportunity to make new friends in their local and wider community. Lastly, any physical activity will support your child’s mental health, making them happier, more positive and more resilient.

How long will it take for my child to be able to play?

How long it will take to play is hard to measure because it depends on their commitment, natural ability and drive. However, it may take around 5 months, when training for 2 hours a week, to perfect a rally.

Does my child have to enter competitions?

Whether or not your child progresses to competitions is completely your choice. If your child wants to progress and enter tournaments, great, but if they don’t, also great. Playing sports should be as much fun as for skills. Clubs in your area will also have a unique feel, some may be driven to produce champions and want to push your child forwards, and others may be more relaxed. 

How much do lessons cost?

The cost of the lessons depends mainly on the club you choose. Village and town organisations will likely cost as little as £5 to participate in a class, whereas city clubs may charge more. It also depends on whether you’re happy with your child being a part of a class or whether you’d prefer them to receive private tuition.

Can we play badminton at home?

Of course! You can have fun and play sports anywhere, and this is perfect if you just want to hit back and forth over the net. However, although your child will progress with gentle play, if you’re serious about improving and developing their skills, attending a club may be a better option. 

Photo by Gordon KY

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