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What Qualities Does Athletics Promote in Children?

22 November 2023

Children develop interests in many things as they grow. And if athletics is one of the activities they are interested in, you wonder if it’s a good choice for them. Will it improve their performance? How does it build their character? And what qualities can they develop through practising these sports? 

Athletics is fun for kids. But besides its excitement, there are lots of lessons children can pick up from these sports which involve running, throwing, and jumping. In this post, we will discuss the qualities athletics promote in kids. 

What attributes can children develop from athletics? 

Athletics takes children beyond the field and teaches them skills that impact their daily activities positively, whether in the classroom, at home, or with friends. Here are the top qualities your child will learn as an athlete.


Athletic activities thrive on speed. The faster players can think, the better they play. The games your child plays require them to make quick decisions often. Doing this makes them fast thinkers and influences other aspects of their lives. From trivial situations like selecting the outfit they want to answering questions in the classroom and performing excellently under pressure, athletics will help your child make good choices quickly. 


In athletics, players work both individually and in teams. They collaborate, support, and develop ideas together toward a common goal. So, when kids participate in athletics, they can learn about how their efforts help their peers to succeed. Teamwork and other associated qualities like loyalty, camaraderie, excellent communication, and good leadership come from this collaboration. 


Your child needs to strongly believe in themselves to succeed in different areas of their lives. Athletics improves their self-confidence by allowing them to discover and utilise their skills. 

The more they practise their sport, the more confident they are in their abilities. This boosts their self-belief and allows them to take a chance on themselves. They will be willing to try new things, take risks, and pursue their goals because they believe they have what it takes to achieve them. 


Athletes learn to adapt to challenging situations and focus on their goals regardless of the obstacles before them. They learn not to give in to fear, stress, and pain. If they fail, they learn their lessons and keep trying. 

Your child will adopt these critical skills as an athlete. Besides the field, it will also help in school, career, and relationships. They will learn to pursue their goals despite their challenges. 

Hard work 

Athletics requires hard work, consistency, and practice. Children playing athletic games learn they can’t avoid hard work and succeed in their training. So, they put in the required work, which translates to other activities they engage in. Whether it's school work, homework, or a personal task, they work hard consistently for results. 

Final thoughts 

Athletics offer many lessons to help your child be the best version of themselves. From resilience to collaborative skills, decision-making, and other qualities, there are a lot children can adopt to improve academic, social, and personal development. So, encourage your child to participate in athletics, let them find a sport they love, and give them the support they need to succeed at it. 

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