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Where Can My Child Learn Artistic Swimming?

21 October 2023

Artistic swimming, also known as synchronised swimming, is a beautiful and unique sport that combines dance, gymnastics, and swimming. If your child is interested in learning to perform stunning routines, you may be wondering where to start. Here are five suggestions:

Local swimming pool

It seems obvious, but your local leisure centre is a really good place to start, as artistic swimming teams need to be based at a pool. Check on their website or phone them to find out what kind of lessons they provide and how you can get involved. 

School club

If your child's school has a pool, they may offer artistic swimming. They may not include it in regular swimming lessons, it's more likely to be an after school or weekend activity. This is a great option as your child may already know some of the others involved. If they don't currently do artistic swimming, you could suggest it and see if there's any interest among other students. 

Private lessons

Finding a coach who can teach your child artistic swimming is an option. If you know other kids who are interested, you could get a group lesson. Not all artistic swimming is done as part of a team, there are also competitions where solo routines are performed. Your child will have the opportunity to progress more quickly if they're having solo lessons, as the coach can focus on whichever areas they need the most help with. However, this could be a pricey option if you're unable to split the cost with other families.  

Artistic swimming club

If you search online, you should be able to find details of artistic swimming clubs. This is likely to be the best option if your child is keen to compete as part of a team, as clubs have access to competitions and events. Clubs will normally have qualified coaches who provide group tuition and training so that all the kids can develop their skills and learn to work together as a team. This option is more social than individual lessons and may work out cheaper as you're splitting the cost of coaching with other families. However, this may involve more travel as there may not be a club close to where you live. 

Online resources

If you are not able to find a local class or club that meets your child's needs, there are some online resources that you can use to help them learn artistic swimming. Many instructional videos and articles are available online, and most are free. There are also online forums where you can connect with other parents of artistic swimmers and get advice and support.

Artistic swimming is a beautiful sport your child will enjoy for many years. If you're looking for somewhere to start their synchronised swimming journey, hopefully this article has given you some ideas of where to start. 

Photo by cottonbro studio

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