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What are the best Artistic Swimming Events?

3 November 2023

There are many artistic swimming events running through the year across the whole of the UK. These range from the National Championships, which feature competitors who are either already part of, or looking to join the national teams, to club and regional competitions that are open to a wider range of competitors. Whichever event you attend, by its very nature artistic swimming is energetic, vibrant and impressive, so anyone attending is sure to have a great time.

Artistic Swimming National Junior and Senior Championships - Swim England

This is the top-level competition for English Artistic Swimming teams and so a great one to go to either as a competitor or spectator. You’ll see the best athletes the country has to offer, in both senior and junior categories. For those new to the sport, this is a great chance to see what to aspire to.

Scottish Clubs Championships

These championships are for clubs across Scotland and feature a variety of solo, duet and team events, in both technical and free categories. These championships are fun to attend, as they feature a wide collection of synchro clubs from across Scotland, from the large and well-established to the small and up-and-coming.

Artistic Swimming National Masters Championships - Swim England

The difference between this event and the National Championships is that this one is open to all clubs, so features every range of club and competitor. Expect to see participants from every age and walk of life, aged 18 - 60+, experienced and novice, and a huge range of creative and engaging displays. 

Scottish National and Age Group Artistic Swimming Open Championships

Featuring solo, duet and teams, the Age Group Championships split competitors into contests based on age, meaning you’ll get the chance to see swimmers from a variety of experience levels. Each age group brings with it something new and inspiring to see, making it a great one for young children looking to get into the sport.

Artistic Swimming National Age Group Championships - Swim England 

Like the Scottish Age Group Championships, this one features separate competitions depending on age. It’s focussed entirely on children, with the age groups being 9 - 10 years, 11-12 years and 13-15 years. It’s a huge event, with the highest number of competitors of any UK based artistic swimming event, so it will be a great event.

Regional Competitions

In addition to the various national competitions, all regional organisations run their own championships. These can be held up to three times a year, depending on the region, and the nice thing about these is the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that comes with the fact that all local teams and individuals are welcome to attend, regardless of experience. 

British Swimming: The Awards

Not a competition but still a wonderful event, this is the annual awards for everything swimming in the UK. Though it also features other disciplines of swimming, anyone involved in the sport can attend, and there are plenty of awards for artistic swimming teams, individuals and coaches. A great night out for anyone involved in the sport.

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