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Top 5 Benefits For Children of Artistic Swimming

28 September 2023

If your child is into dance or gymnastics and also enjoys swimming, artistic swimming could be a fun new challenge for them. Also known as synchronised swimming, this unique sport requires athleticism, discipline, creativity and teamwork. You may be wondering what they stand to gain from taking part, so read on. 

Improved physical fitness and strength

Like traditional swimming, children who take part in artistic swimming see a great improvement in their physical fitness and lung capacity. They develop very good breath control as they need to spend time underwater as part of routines. Artistic swimmers must have incredible strength to be able to lift their teammates out of the water. The moves involved require flexibility, stamina and strength, which will be developed during the regular training sessions. When the body is in water it is supported, meaning the exercise is low-impact, so less likely to lead to muscle or joint injuries than running or jumping on land.

Better coordination

Artistic swimming is an excellent way to develop a good sense of rhythm and coordination. The routines are performed to music, much like dancing, with the water adding extra challenges. They need to have complete control over their body and its position. Once a child has mastered artistic swimming, they’ll be ready for anything. 

Boosted mental well-being

This sport requires focus, discipline, and teamwork - all important skills transferable to other areas of life. The creative aspects of synchronised swimming also allow children to express themselves. Feeling part of a team and the support that involves will help them develop resilience. Practising and seeing the results of their hard work can help children develop confidence and self-esteem, which will set them up for a successful, happy future. 

Enhanced social skills

Children must learn to work well with others and communicate effectively to perform well in synchronised swimming routines. They will have to listen carefully and communicate with their teammates in order to coordinate their movements. Working together towards common goals is an important skill young people will need at school and later on in the workplace. 

A sense of achievement

As children become more skilled in the sport and achieve success, they will start to feel good about themselves and their abilities. When your child masters a new skill or achieves a goal, they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. As they are part of a team, they’ll be able to celebrate their successes together and amplify each others’ sense of achievement. This boost in self-confidence can carry over into other areas of their life, such as school and relationships, and inspire them to try harder.

Artistic swimming is a great activity for children because it offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits, so if your child is confident in water, why not sign them up for a trial?

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