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Why Do Children Love Archery?

5 August 2023

Archery is a sport that requires skill, focus, and precision, but it's also a lot of fun! Kids are often drawn to the challenge of hitting a target with an arrow, and some continue with it as a sport as they get older. In this blog post, we look at some of the reasons children enjoy archery so much. 

It's timeless

Kids can live out their fantasies of being Robin Hood, leading his band of outlaws through Sherwood Forest with a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Archery has been used since ancient times in battle and there's a thrill to practising it. For little ones, arrows with rubber suction cups on the end are safest, but once they get older they can have a more authentic experience with steel-tipped arrows. 

It's an individual sport 

For children who don't enjoy team sports, archery is something where they can excel alone. Some kids prefer the focus and individual achievement involved in archery to the fast-paced, jostling environment of sports like rugby, football and hockey. They can practise at the range or at home without having to have their teammates present. Archery can still be a social and competitive activity, but archers are quiet and respectful when others are shooting and this may appeal to young people who value peace. 

Release Energy

Despite not involving running, archery does require strength to pull back the string, and this uses up energy. Drawing and releasing a bow requires focus and concentration, which can help to release tension and stress. With practice, kids can learn to control their breathing and focus their attention, developing important mindfulness skills that will benefit them on and off the archery range. 

Develop New Skills

From learning how to properly grip and draw a bow to developing the focus and concentration needed to hit a target, kids will gain confidence and satisfaction as they master new archery skills. As they progress, they can also begin to experiment with different equipment and techniques, furthering their skills and deepening their understanding of the sport. There are a number of types of bows used, with most beginners using recurve bows, but longbows, crossbows, and compound bows are also options. 

The Joy Of Hitting The Bullseye

There are few things more satisfying than hitting a bullseye. The straightforward scoring when target shooting means archers can clearly measure their progress and get a real sense of achievement when they improve. For kids, this feeling of satisfaction is often magnified. They take great pride in hitting the target, and each successful shot can boost their confidence.

Meet New Friends

Despite being an individual sport, archery can be a social activity. Joining a club or taking part in tournaments lets children meet others they share interests with. They can potentially make new friends, plus older archers are often happy to provide advice and tips to younger ones, to help them improve. 

Whether it's the challenge of learning new skills, the satisfaction of hitting a bullseye, or the sense of accomplishment that comes with sticking with something difficult, there's lots of reasons to love archery. So if your child shows an interest in picking up a bow, encourage them to stick with it - they may surprise you with their progress!

Photo by Norbert Braun on Unsplash

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