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Top 5 Archery Bow Sets For Kids

2 August 2023

Archery is a great sport for kids of all ages and can help them develop important skills like hand-eye coordination and focus. There’s a wide range of bows available, with high end ones being very expensive and technical. This blog post will look at five of the best archery bow sets for children to start out with. If your child is serious about archery, we recommend asking an archery instructor or members of a local club for advice. 

Outdoor Youth Recurve Bow and Arrow Set

The Outdoor Youth Recurve Bow and Arrow Set contains everything your child needs to start archery, including a bow, four arrows, an arm guard, a finger tab (to protect their fingers while drawing the string back), and two paper targets. The bow is made from moulded fibreglass, meaning it’s durable yet lightweight, while the arrows include two with metal tips, which should only be used with adult supervision, and two with suckers, for safety. The set is suitable for ages 9 and over, making it perfect for an introduction to archery. 

TEMI Kids Bow and Arrow Set

This set is ideal for younger kids, as the 10 arrows have sucker tips, meaning they are completely safe. The bow has LED lights on it, for added fun, and the quiver allows kids to carry all their arrows around with them. You can adjust the elasticity of the string on the bow, to make it easier for little ones to use it. 

JOYIN Archery Set

The JOYIN Archery Set is a great choice for kids who want to learn archery. The set includes a bow, nine arrows, a quiver, a plate target, and three foam targets. The lightweight bow features a sci-fi design with changing lights that make the experience more fun. The foam can-shaped targets are easy to set up and provide a safe target for beginners, with the plate target available once they improve their aim. The set is a great value and would be a great gift for any child who enjoys playing with toys that light up.

Geologic Archery Set Soft Archery 100

This suction cup archery set is suitable for children aged 8 and above to experience archery for the first time. The set is well designed, with the bow and two arrows fitting neatly into the back of the folding target, for easy storage and transport. The bow has an ergonomic grip which can be used by both left and right handed archers. While it only comes with two arrows, you can buy more. 

Geologic Discovery 100 Archery Set

If your kids are a bit older and you are prepared to supervise them carefully, the Discovery 100 Archery set comes with steel-tipped arrows, for a more authentic experience. The ambidextrous fibreglass bow has an ergonomic grip. The set comes with an upright target which folds down and fits into a carry bag, along with the bow and arrows. We recommend storing the set somewhere secure when not in use and teaching your children safety rules, such as never pointing the bow at a person or animal. 

There are a lot of different bows on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for your child. But this list of the top 5 bows for kids will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect bow for your little archer.

Photo by Laura Crowe on Unsplash

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