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What are the benefits of Children doing Soft Play?

6 January 2023

Soft play is a wonderful activity for your children. Not only is it great fun, but it gives your kids opportunities to socialise and develop other skills that they simply can’t get sitting at home.


First of all, soft play improves your kids’ communication skills. Being around other kids, and communicating with them - whether it be taking turns on a slide, or sharing a plush toy - improves their social skills significantly. They can also learn various other life skills from other kids. Learning these sorts of skills at a very young age can be invaluable for their growth and means they will be ready for when it’s time for school to start!

Safe Fun

It’s hard to find a safe environment for babies to play in. As parents, we can get worried at home as there are hazards everywhere. Kids can slip, fall and trip on hard surfaces, so we tend to shelter them in their younger years. This can mean kids don’t know how to play very well when they get older. They may have too much energy as they aren’t allowed to play enough at home, and may not develop skills like jumping, climbing, swinging or walking as quickly. Involving them in soft play means they are pushed out of their comfort zones and are handed the reins to go and play to their heart’s desire. They develop motor skills quickly - and more importantly, gain freedom to make mistakes and learn without being hurt.

Always Dry and Warm

Another benefit of soft play is the lack of weather involvement! In this country, we know that the weather can sometimes (often...) be unpleasant for outdoor activities. Soft play offers a safe, dry environment for your kids to play all day. Most soft play centres also have cafes and restaurants within. This means you can stay there for a long while while the rain pours on outside - playing and snacking all day long!

Developing Coordination and Creative Problem Solving

During soft play, kids often have to encounter different routes and puzzles. These challenges improve your child’s problem solving skills and are very helpful in their overall development. Many soft play centres also have sensory zones for the youngest of kids, which exposes them to different materials and situations, as well as pushing them out of their comfort zone. It improves their hand-eye coordination and stimulates their curiosity. The variety of toys and objects within soft play centres also encourages kids to become more creative in how they play. In this technological age where everything we do has something to do with an electronic device, letting kids play with basic toys and make up games is a priceless exercise. It is excellent for their development and encourages them to keep on playing with the same enthusiasm.

Great Exercise

Your kids will also sleep very well! With all that running and jumping around, they now have a great outlet for their energy to go, and will get some great exercise while they’re at it. Their quality of sleep and overall health will also improve as a result.

It’s clear to see that soft play offers a wide selection of benefits. From improving your child’s communication skills - to making them smarter at solving problems - all the way to improving their quality of sleep. Not to mention it’s also great fun for both parents and kids. There is truly nothing better than seeing your child have fun and improve while they’re at it.

Give it a try and see for yourself!

Photo by 莎莉 彭 on Unsplash

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