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10 Reasons to take kids to the Seaside in Winter

23 November 2022

When you’re looking for activities to keep the kids entertained during the winter, going to the beach isn’t something that immediately springs to mind. But visiting the seaside with your children doesn’t have to be a summer activity. There are plenty of benefits to taking a trip to the beach in winter and loads of fun things to do whilst you’re there. 

Dust away the Cobwebs

After spending the majority of the winter cooped up in the house with the heating turned up, it will feel amazing to breathe in that brisk ocean air. Being outside by the sea has been proven to lower stress and anxiety levels. Making it the perfect break in the run up to Christmas.

Watch the sunrise

With so many cloudy and rainy days in the UK, it can be hard to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise. So if you live locally to a beach and the weather is forecasted to be dry then load the family into the car. Pack blankets and hot chocolate and watch the sunrise over the ocean. The peaceful sight will start your morning with a dose of serotonin. Then pop along to a local pub for a hearty breakfast. Alternatively, enjoy the sunset in the afternoon.

Take a wintery stroll

If the sky is clear over the beach, in the winter, you may be able to watch the spectacular sight of storms approaching over the ocean. Take your children for a walk along the cliffs and watch the waves crashing at the rocks below. One of the most beautiful beaches to watch the rolling waves is Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This will be a favourite amongst Harry Potter Fans who recognise this beach as the location where Dobby is buried in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows.

Discover local eateries

In the summer months, it can be near impossible to get a table at some of the local beachfront restaurants and cafes, as they are packed full of tourists. So take a trip in the winter, to the coastal villages and enjoy breakfast or dinner with some of the most spectacular sea views. 

Spot the local wildlife

The beach in the winter is a much quieter place than in the summer. Once full of tourists it is now a haven for wildlife. There are lots of different bird species to be seen as they stop on their way south for the winter. If you live near the Norfolk coast you will be able to spot hundreds of grey seals as they come ashore to give birth. 

Go Fossil hunting

If your children are big dinosaur fans then fossil hunting is the perfect beach activity for you. If you live in the South of England then take a trip to Charmouth Beach in Dorset. The entire coastline is now a world heritage site and it is the best place in the UK for Fossil Hunting. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, hop on a guided walk, where a specialist will be able to show you the best spots. If you are located up North, head over to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire where fossils can be found lining the cliffs.

Throw stones on a pebble beach

If your local beach is a pebble one, taking your children for a stroll along the shoreline can turn into a fun game. You can take it in turns to throw stones into the sea, seeing who can throw the farthest. Or, see who can collect the prettiest pebbles. You can take these home and make stone art out of them as a memento from your visit.

Fly kites

The gusty sea winds in the winter make it the perfect environment for kite flying. With fewer people around, your children will have the room to run around with their kites. Make sure to keep little hands wrapped up though, as the sea winds will be nippy.

Winter Surfing

Avid surfers will tell you that the winter months are the best time for surfing. The waves are bigger and more consistent. If you’re a beginner head over to Watergate Bay in Cornwall, they have a surf school that operates throughout the year and a delicious cafe on the beachfront where you can warm up afterward.

Playing in the snow

Plenty of fun can be had on a snow day, from sledging to building a snowman. Why not take the children down to your local beach to enjoy the wide open spaces covered in snow. Afterward take a walk through the quiet streets of the seaside town, marvelling at the beauty of everything covered in white.

Photo by Lucinda Offer

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