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Why Children Love Magic Shows

29 August 2023

Magic shows are a timeless source of entertainment for all ages. From the earliest days of television, magicians like Paul Daniels and David Nixon were must-watch TV for kids up and down the country. In recent years, shows like Britain's Got Talent have introduced a new generation of youngsters to the magic of illusion. So what is it that makes magic such a hit with kids? Let's take a look at five reasons why children love magic shows.

They're exciting

Magic shows are full of excitement and suspense. Kids love to see the magician performing feats that seem impossible, while the older ones are trying to figure out how the tricks are done. Of course, part of the fun is that they never quite manage to work it out! There is always something new to see in a magic show, and the excitement never fades. Kids will be on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

They're funny

While magicians are serious about keeping the secrets of their trade secret, when performing for kids they tend to use humour, as they understand that youngsters want to be entertained as well as amazed. From witty one-liners to visual gags like collapsing magic wands, there's plenty of laughter to be had at a good magic show for adults and children alike. When the laughter dies down, the suspense and excitement take over once again. 

They're visual

Kids are very visual creatures, so a good magic show will always feature lots of impressive props and special effects. Even simple tricks can be made more exciting with the right effects, which is why many magicians invest heavily in their stage shows. The best magic shows are a feast for the eyes, with dazzling lights and colourful costumes. Kids love to see all the different elements coming together to create a truly spectacular show.

They're interactive

A good magician will always try to involve as many audience members as possible in their act. They may invite some children or adults up on stage to involve them in tricks, which can add extra humour for the audience. They also ask questions throughout the show and get viewers to cheer them on and call out the magic words - often “abra kadabra”! Most kids aren't great at sitting still for long periods, so keeping them engaged is important, and a good magic show will do just that.

They are inspiring

Watching a magician showing off their tricks can be inspirational - don’t be surprised if your kids beg you for a magic trick set or book. Children love to be creative and they may even be inspired to try to create their own tricks. This doesn’t have to be expensive - there are lots of tricks that can be done with just a pack of playing cards, a handkerchief and a few coins, for example. There are lots of tutorials online where kids can learn tricks to impress their families and friends - if they stick with it, they could take part in talent shows and even perform in future.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons kids love magic shows. If you're looking for a fun activity to do with your children, why not put on your own magic show at home? With a few simple props and some practice, you'll be able to amaze and amuse your kids in no time.

Photo by Tolga Aslantürk

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