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10 Best Free Playgrounds in London Parks

30 December 2022

There are some wonderful parks in London to enjoy with the family and many of these have playgrounds within them which will provide hours of fun for the children and perhaps a little respite for the parents as they burn off their energy. We have a rundown of the top ten free playgrounds within London parks. 

Diana Memorial Playground, Kensington Gardens

The free playground erected in Kensington Gardens in tribute to the memory of Princess Diana hosts more than 1 million visitors per year and has a wooden pirate ship as its centrepiece. Children can explore and roam the vast playground, which was designed to be as accessible as possible and to promote play and co-operation between able and less able-bodied children. The playground was inspired by the tales of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. 

Battersea Park Adventure Playground

The adventure playground at Battersea Park is one of four playgrounds situated in the park, of which three are free to use. These all cater to different age groups and the Battersea Park adventure playground is probably best suited to 8-14 year olds due to the complexities and heights involved in some of the play equipment. There are challenging climbs, high walkways and some slides that may be a little white-knuckle but the park is fun and exhilarating all the same.  

Clissold Park Playground

Situated just by Hackney, Clissold Park contains Clissold House, a beautiful Grade II listed building. The playground within the park is well-maintained and has several pieces of fun equipment for the kids to use. There is also ample space to run around and there are two completely dog free areas, which may appeal to those with allergies or phobias.

Greenwich Park Playground

There has been a playground in Greenwich Park dating all the way back to the 1940s, and the latest iteration is a brilliant, fun and modern park with a nautical theme. It is also inspired by nature so expect a lot of textured components such as ropes, logs and the like to make up the playground. There are scramble nets and climbing platforms but there are also play elements at all different heights to accommodate children with varying physical requirements. 

Holland Park Adventure Playgrounds

This adventure playground located in Holland Park, near Kensington certainly doesn’t disappoint, with a zip line, a 10-person see-saw and a dragon swing being just a few of the play components on offer. This park is extremely well-equipped and finished to a high specification, and will have your children begging for a return visit in the near future. A real gem that is well-worth a visit. 

Wimbledon Park Play Area

There are lots of facilities at this play area for both children and adults, with a coffee shop in the near vicinity to replenish caffeine levels. There is a splash play area so swimsuits are a must in the warmer weather. There are also sand pits to get messy in and play equipment, slides and climbing facilities. Of course, being Wimbledon, there are also tennis courts for the older children.  

Acton Green Common Playground

This playground has a lot of play equipment including slides and swings and is generally best to visit in the morning, as it is somewhat less busy than later on. It is a popular playpark and can tend to get a little more crowded on sunny afternoons after the schools finish for the day, so if you have younger children, coming earlier in the day is best.  

St James’s Park Playground

Located near Buckingham Palace, St James’s Park is in a bustling part of central London. There is a large sand area to explore, with many play elements interspersed. These include lever and pulley systems for moving the sand around, slides and climbing frames that are sure to amuse the kids for an extended period of time. 

Marylebone Green Playground, Regent’s Park

This playpark is divided into three distinct zones with different play equipment. The traditional zone has swings, a climbing frame and a seesaw. The art zone has an interesting spiral concrete “folly”, a slide and a rock climbing wall. The nature zone has a living passageway of trees, a fallen tree trunk to climb on and an assortment of clambering timber, rocks and scree.  

The Magic Garden, Hampton Court Gardens

This is a wonderful experience for all of the family though it is only free if you are a member of Historic Royal Palaces and is 10th on our list as a result. This playground will bring your children face to face with mythical creatures and let their imaginations run rampant. There are towers to climb and battlements to storm and there are dragons located all the way through the gardens, which makes for a fun “spotting” game. 

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