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Why is Sing-Along Fun for Children?

26 June 2023

Singing along with others is hard to beat when it comes to having fun. Kids love it because it’s interactive and gets them moving. It also helps them learn new songs and rhymes, promoting early literacy. Here are five reasons why sing-along sessions are so much fun for children.

Learn fun new songs

Children's songs tend to have funny stories to them, often involving animals or amusing stories. Learning to sing new songs helps children expand their vocabulary. The use of rhyming words and repetition is something kids particularly enjoy. Most adults still remember vividly the songs they learned as young children - and many of us still sing the alphabet song to ourselves to remember the order of the letters!

Be silly and make funny faces

One of the best things about sing-along is that it allows children to be silly and have fun making funny faces and noises. When children sing, they can let go of their inhibitions and get into the performance. Making funny faces is a great way to add expression to the songs and bring out the humour in the lyrics. Songs like Old Macdonald Had A Farm let them practise making animal noises, which is sure to bring them out in giggles.

Get moving

Children's songs and nursery rhymes often include actions they can do at the same time. This helps them to make sense of and remember the words to the song, and they have fun pretending to be the characters. They can also jiggle around to the rhythm, which introduces them to dancing. Exercise releases endorphins, happy hormones. When they're doing the hokey cokey or acting out Incy Wincy Spider climbing up the spout, children are getting active and playing a game. 

Meet new friends

Being part of a sing-along is one of the great joys of childhood. Not only is it a fun and interactive way to experience music, but it also provides an opportunity to meet new friends. When children come together to sing, they quickly develop a sense of camaraderie. Knowing the same songs can help them to connect with children they meet elsewhere, like at school. Singing together is one of the many ways children can connect and build lasting relationships.

Express themselves creatively

Singing is a very creative activity which doesn't require any materials or setting up like visual arts do. When children sing together, they have the opportunity to create their version of the song, adding their own words and gestures. This can be a great way for shy children to express themselves, and it also gives children a chance to bond with each other. Singing the songs isn't restricted to group singalongs - kids will continue to sing as they go about their day. 

Singing with others is a great way for children to have fun and express themselves creatively. It also helps them learn new songs and develop essential language skills. In addition, moving and dancing around while singing is a great way to release energy and connect with friends. Sing-along time is sure to be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Photo by Yan Krukau

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