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What is the best way to Teach my Children to Sing?

27 June 2023

Singing is a great way to express yourself and also a lot of fun at any age. If you want to teach your child to sing, you may be wondering what are the best ways to go about it. 

Join a singing class

Professional singing classes are a great way to start your child on their musical journey. They can learn from a professional vocal coach who can help them develop the proper technique. It’s also a structured environment where they can practise and receive feedback on their progress. Whether your child is just starting or has been singing for years, joining a class is an excellent way to help them reach their full potential as a vocalist. 

Join a choir

If your child isn’t keen on singing classes - or in addition to classes - there are lots of fun choirs around for children where they can make new friends while singing. While more advanced choirs may require children to be able to read music, you should be able to find ones suitable for beginners. The support and encouragement of their peers and the guidance of the professional choir leader will help your child’s singing develop. They can also start to understand different vocal parts and how they harmonise together. There may be solo parts your child could take on as they get better and more confident. 

Work on breathing

Breathing is an essential part of singing, as producing a steady sound and holding a note requires breath control. They also learn to control the diaphragm muscle, which helps regulate airflow into the lungs, essential for good singing technique. Encourage them to take deep breaths and then try to hold a note for as long as possible. 

Start with simple songs

Starting off with easy songs like nursery rhymes is a great way to build confidence and skill. For young children, complex melodies can be overwhelming, and lyrics can be challenging to remember. By contrast, simple songs often have a repetitive structure that is easy to follow and can be quickly learned by heart. As your child's confidence grows, you can gradually introduce more challenging material. 

Have fun with it

Make sure you keep singing fun, and not a chore. If your child isn’t enjoying singing, they will likely give up and never want to sing again. Try playing singing games and put on music for them to sing along and dance to at home. You can also incorporate songs into other activities such as bath time or bedtime. If your child enjoys themselves, they will be more likely to stick with it and develop their vocal skills.

There is no single best way to teach your child to sing. Every kid is unique, and what works for one child may not work for another. However, these five methods are great ways to help your child learn this creative skill.

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