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How to Progress Children in a Singing Career

27 June 2023

Are you the parent of the next Adele? Or perhaps your child wants to light up the stages of the West End? Maybe they want a fun and exciting career travelling the world as a backing singer? There are several routes your child can take to carve out a career as a singer. Here are a few ways in which you can help them progress.

Get them singing

If your child wants to pursue singing as a career, the chances are they will do this already, But is your child getting experience in a range of styles? As a professional, they’re likely to be dipping in and out of different jobs so will need a very thorough understanding of their craft. Find ways to broaden their experience by getting them into choirs, rock bands, orchestras, stage shows and more,

Find a teacher who’s a mentor, too

A good singing teacher is essential. Even if your child already has great singing skills, an experienced teacher will know how to take them to the next level and coach them in the world of professional singing. Take some time to research singing teachers and look closely at their credentials. A good teacher will be honest with you about what they can offer. You’ll need someone with industry experience, but also someone who knows about how to mentor your child properly to make them ready for a professional career.

Find opportunities

At some point, to be a professional singer will mean getting work. There are many ways to do this, including attending casting calls, open auditions and competitions. You can also make your own opportunities by starting a band or listing your child as a freelance singer. To really make a career of it though, your child will probably need an agent or manager. This is where having a good singing teacher will help, as they can explain to you the process and hopefully point you toward some good people. There’s a lot of luck involved in getting work, but the more you maximise the opportunities for your child, the more chances they will have to get lucky.

Prepare them for the reality

The world of professional singing is incredibly competitive. Quite a small percentage of professional singers find regular work. An even smaller percentage make a lot of money from singing. Your child needs to have a passion for this. If they’re in it just to get famous, then it’s not a viable career choice. Help your child understand what becoming a professional singer is going to mean, and the effort it’s going to take (this is where having a good teacher will help). 

Be there to support them

Help your child to develop the skills that they’ll need to be a freelance artist. At their age, they’re unlikely to consider things like time management, self-directed learning, money management or self-reflection and evaluation. These are all things you can take control of and then slowly guide your child into understanding for themselves. Help them schedule their own practice time. Learn for yourself about the styles and techniques of singing so that you can coach them. Research their potential career paths and opportunities. Having you by their side will give them enormous strength and confidence as they progress in their career.

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