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Top 5 Taekwondo Clubs for Children in Brighton

31 December 2022

Looking for a way to get your kids fit and active, without them getting bored? Look no further. There are some great Taekwondo clubs in Brighton that your kids will love.

Brighton & Hove Taekwondo

With classes located at Balfour Junior School, this great Taekwondo club offers 6 classes a week for children. If your children aren’t able to attend classes on one day, then it’s very useful to have the option to be flexible and attend on a different day. Beginners are more than welcome - and for the experienced martial artist, this club also has tournaments held throughout the year. This is great fun and gives your children the chance to build that competitive spirit! A welcoming environment and great opportunities await your children, should you choose this club.

Dan Taekwondo School

Full of 5-star reviews online, this school has a huge selection of black belt instructors that are fully qualified. Classes are available for kids aged 4 and above, with separate classes for beginners and advanced students. Not only are students taught the physical side of Taekwondo, but they are also eligible to participate in Taekwondo seminars as part of this club. The website also has a very useful student area where students can learn from home (this was especially useful during the lockdown period!). 

Sussex Taekwondo

This Taekwondo club is for slightly older children, with only those 12 and above allowed to attend class. Absolute beginners are more than welcome - with the classes being held every Tuesday at King Alfred Leisure Centre. As this is for older children, there are some great add-ons that you don’t see in some of the Taekwondo schools. Taking part in breaking board exercises is a big one. This is the stuff you dream about after watching The Karate Kid!

Brighton Ki Society

This club offers Japanese Yoga and Martial Arts classes for kids aged 4-13 years old. Classes are held almost every day with an amazing selection of dates and times to cater to everyone, as well as being held in Queen Square (close to Brighton City Centre). This Society operates on a non-profit basis, so the prices are very affordable and all the instructors are volunteers. All instructors are highly qualified and some have been teaching since the Society opened 25 years ago! To say that they are experienced in teaching your kids would be an understatement. A great place to widen your children’s martial arts skills beyond just Taekwondo, and get some Yoga practice in as well!

Kick’s Martial Arts Centre

Karate, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu - any and all martial arts are taught at Kick’s Martial Arts Centre. If you want your kids to get an effective martial arts education, this is the perfect place to do just that. It is headed by Chris Kent who has been teaching in Brighton since 1975 and is one of the most senior martial artists in the country. With classes from Tuesday to Sunday - drop by anytime with your children for a taster of real martial arts!

Photo by Thao LEE on Unsplash

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