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Is Taekwondo Safe for Children?

31 December 2022

Your initial thoughts about Taekwondo might be that it sounds intimidating and too dangerous for your children, but this is not necessarily the case.

You Can Choose Whether to Include Contact

Taekwondo can be practiced safely because it is a very flexible sport. There is no one way to practice, and you should never feel as if you are being pushed out of your comfort zone with regard to safety. After all, classes are available for kids as young as 3 years old!

The Taekwondo club you choose will adapt to your child’s needs. Almost all clubs cater for complete beginners and very young children. Children will not take part in full-contact Taekwondo until they are in their late teenage years - or sometimes even older. Of course, if your club does practice contact sports for adults, there is always a non-contact alternative class where you can work on your fitness, hit pads, and practice technique. 

On the other hand, if your child and yourself wish to take part in full-contact Taekwondo, you can also request for this from your club. This is the best part of this sport. Clubs are very flexible with what type of Taekwondo you wish to do, and you can choose whatever you and your child are most comfortable with.

Protective Equipment

Even when adults spar in Taekwondo, they use protective armour which means that being injured or getting hurt is highly unlikely. Children are usually taught the technical side of Taekwondo, with the addition of games and other fun activities to keep them interested. Sparring is never an option for younger children, so rest assured!

Improves Fitness

Since Taekwondo is a full-body sport, it can make your children even safer than being without it! It can keep them healthy and fit, as well as making them stronger, more flexible, and with better coordination. Keeping your kids in tip-top shape teaches them good exercise habits which they can sustain in the long term, which in turn helps them become safer in adulthood.

Self Defence

Self defence is another key area of Taekwondo. Children learn kicks, punches and basic self defence techniques in their classes. Teaching your kids how to defend themselves means they can be safer in the outside world. It is always better to know self defence and not need it, than not know self defence and need it. Taekwondo is a fun and useful way to learn useful skills such as these and ensures your kids remain confident and secure in the outside world.

If you had any reservations about Taekwondo being safe for your kids, then hopefully you don’t have them anymore! Taekwondo is a flexible, child-friendly sport, and can be very beneficial for your child in their development. Classes are structured with safety in mind, and it is more fun and games for children rather than the stereotypical sparring that comes to mind. It teaches them respect, self-discipline, and is a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Photo by Camila Sanabria on Unsplash

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