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Essential Clothing for Taekwondo for Kids

1 January 2023

Taekwondo is an excellent sport for your children to kick start early; it is the preferred martial arts option amongst parents. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing your child smile and rush to you with excitement after returning from class. However, searching and buying the essential clothing and dressing your child for practice can be slightly tricky. To make the preparation easier for you, everything you need to know about the 'Essential Kids' Clothing for Taekwondo' is right below.  

What To Wear?

The Taekwondo uniform, also known as Dobok, consists of a jacket, trousers, and belt. Dobok means, 'Do' means way, and 'bok' means clothing.

There are different styles and colours based on ranking; the weight of the material is a personal preference; however, it is also dependent on the size and weight of your child. It may sound like a lot of information to consider, but don't worry. Let's go through each item of clothing together.

In terms of colour, the garments for beginners are white and symbolise purity and peace. I know you may be thinking, 'white uniform' is code for a parent's nightmare. But, it doesn't have to be; pop the uniform in a gentle cycle at a low temperature to prevent any logo leaking and material shrinking.


There are two types of jackets, a V-neck style which is most commonly worn, and an open wrap jacket. The open-wrap jacket has two sides, the left side represents the mind 'Yanggi', and the right 'Umgi' represents strength. The jacket supposedly symbolises heaven, and the trousers equal earth. When selecting the appropriate size of the jacket, the sleeves shouldn't pass the knuckles. Some students wear a plain white T-shirt underneath if it makes them feel more comfortable.


The trousers are loosely fitted, and either have an elasticated waist or drawstrings. The trousers shouldn't touch the floor for obvious safety reasons. Your child should feel comfortable and be able to kick easily. It is better to focus your purchasing requirements on the weight of the fabric and tailor the length if needed. Although heavier fabrics are more durable, students tend to wear light-weight and more breathable materials for comfort and flexibility. As we all know, children grow at different rates; some grow more quickly than others. A mini recommendation is to hem the bottom of the trousers if they are long to avoid frequently buying a new uniform. 

Belt 'Ti'

There are two main belt categories, junior and senior. Each school may have its own ranking system, so it is best to check with them; however, there are typically ten belt rankings. The different belt rankings promote a healthy way of setting goals and rewarding your children's development. 

Why Is Wearing A Uniform Important?

There are some practical perks of wearing a uniform for parents; it helps streamline your routine. For example, dressing children can sometimes be tricky; uniforms can be a great time-saver. It makes it easier for your child to get ready because there is no need to try and pick out an appropriate and comfortable outfit. Most importantly, wearing a Taekwondo uniform helps promote equality amongst all students in the class and pays tribute to martial art history. 

Photo by Thao LEE on Unsplash

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