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Different Taekwondo Belts for Children

31 December 2022

The belt in Taekwondo signifies how senior a student is, and what level of skill they possess. As the student improves in their skills, they increase their rank or ‘Kup’ (as it is commonly known), and are given a new belt to show their superior level of skill.

How It Works

Students prove their greater skills by doing a demonstration of their abilities. This demonstration takes place when the student is deemed ready to take part in a ‘test’. Don’t be intimidated! It’s a relaxed process where students perform a pattern of Taekwondo moves in front of their instructor, and if successful, are given their new colour belt. The student also has to demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of Taekwondo. But this is not strictly tested - as long as you can follow the key rules of Taekwondo and can demonstrate a basic understanding of the sport, you have passed the theory!

Starting Out

If your child is a complete beginner to Taekwondo, they start off at the 10th Kup (white belt). This is the most junior level. As they progress, they go from the 10th Kup...all the way to the 1st Kup (red belt with black stripe)

For children starting from a young age, progress through the initial few Kup belts can be very quick as your child improves rapidly early on. This can mean you can move up one belt every 3-4 months! Moving up a belt can be an exciting time for your kids and shows them that they are improving with every extra lesson. It’s great motivation for them to keep learning and working hard.

Once your child progresses from the 10th Kup (White Belt) all the way to the 1st Kup (Red Belt with Black Stripe), then they will have completed the beginner ranks of Taekwondo. 

Black Belt

The next stage? Becoming a black belt!

Black is the opposite of white and shows that you have become a mature student, and mastered darkness itself. Your child is now at a senior level where they can learn the most complicated and advanced techniques.

When getting your first Black Belt, you start off as a ‘1st Dan’ which is the most junior level of black belt. As you become more and more skillful, your Black Belt level (Dan) increases from 1st (black belt with one gold stripe)...all the way to the 10th Dan (black belt with 10 gold stripes). However the tests for Black Belts are much more difficult! It can take years to progress from one Dan to another. 

The key is to stay patient and consistent. With hard work, your child could one day become a great martial artist!

Photo by Thao LEE on Unsplash

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