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5 Taekwondo Clubs for Kids in London

31 December 2022

Looking for a way to get your kids fit and active, without them getting bored? Look no further. There are some great Taekwondo clubs in London that your kids will love.

Elite Taekwon-Do London

This Taekwondo club operates in two locations: Kensington and Wembley, to give it that real sporting feel! Their kids’ programme has been running for many years. Some students that started from scratch have gone on to become black belt instructors - and even international competitors! Classes are suitable for beginners and the club even offers private 1-1 lessons if your kids want to get a private taste of what taekwondo is like. So if your kids are interested in fun-packed classes filled with fresh material, and want to learn amazing martial arts moves as seen in the Karate Kid, then give this club a go with their free trial! 

Traditional Taekwondo Association

With clubs in Peckham, Charlton and Southwark, this Taekwondo club offers classes for children and adults above 6 years old. You can even come along and do the classes with your children, so you can get fit too! As such, this club is a great option for a worried parent, as you can make sure your child is comfortable and safe. Fun fact: this club is led by Grandmaster Loh, who is internationally recognised as a True Taekwondo Grandmaster. Every grading (annual exam done to get a higher level belt) is done by Grandmaster Loh himself. Your kids could be taught by Taekwondo royalty!

London Taekwondo Warriors

Located in three locations in West and North-West London, this Taekwondo club caters for even the youngest of children by offering classes to kids aged 4+. They also have multiple special offers that allow you to join without making a long-term commitment. Having this flexibility can be useful if you think you might be moving locations in the near future. Their mixed ability classes bring children and adults together, meaning you can keep a close eye on your little one. Overall, a great club for children based in West London!

Taekwondo Academy

This academy is located in Stoke Newington (North London) and has some great teachers for your children. They have a minimum of 2 black belt instructors teaching each class, which means the highest quality Taekwondo tuition for your kids. Kids aged from 5-14 years old are catered for, and a free trial is available if you want to give it a try. It has over 1000 parents who have sent their kids to this academy, so they have a great track record when teaching children. 

Premier Taekwondo

This Taekwondo club takes teaching children to a new level - it runs classes for kids aged as young as 3 years old! This Lil’ Dragons 3+ class is a Pre-Taekwondo course designed to get your children mentally and physically ready to start Taekwondo (when they turn 7). Classes have contact and non-contact options, so you can choose whichever you are most comfortable with. Head over to their branches in either Brentford or Shepherd’s Bush for a free first session!

Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

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