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What Qualities do Children Learn from Jiu-jitsu?

15 January 2023

There are many positive reasons to learn a martial art like Jiu-jitsu and taking part in something like this from an early age can have a positive effect on a child’s life in a great number of ways. Some of these will be physical, some will be mental and some will be social. Some of the qualities to be gained from learning Jiu-jitsu are included below.

Self Discipline and Respect

This is something that is a core focus of most martial arts. They will be taught to respect and heed the words of their instructor, who will have a similar position to a school teacher in their lives. Being self-disciplined is the only way to progress in martial arts and instructors will not tolerate acting out in the same way that it may be tolerated in some classrooms. This can be a lesson in itself and can help to improve behaviour across the board in the child’s life.

Physical Fitness 

In a world dominated by video games, it is a healthy diversion to have your children doing a high-intensity martial art. Jiu-jitsu can be particularly difficult when fitness levels are low as it is full-body contact and uses a great many of the muscles in the body. This can act as an incentive to your child to improve their overall fitness in order to see enhanced progress in the Jiu-jitsu class.

Coordination and Balance

Even if your kiddo started out their Jiu-jitsu classes with little concept of balance and poor coordination, they will see marked improvements very quickly once they have started. The classes are focused on balance and exercise the core muscle groups that help to promote this. The whole point of the classes is to be able to put your opponent on their back and to not allow them to get up so practice with balance will be an essential part of their classes and it is natural that improvements will follow.

Social Skills

Coming out of the Covid pandemic when children have been separated from their friends a lot, their social skills will have taken a hit at exactly the time they should have been developing, so Jiu-jitsu could be the perfect antidote to this. Being able to meet people their own age in a setting where they are practising something they enjoy can lead to lifelong friendships and the camaraderie that they get from their Jiu-jitsu group will help them in other parts of their lives as well. 

Healthy Competition

As they improve in their Jiu-jitsu skills, they will become eligible to enter various competitions around the country and these will be scaled for age groups and belt rankings, so that they are in competition with people within a year or two of their age and broadly similar abilities. Being part of a competitive sport can be exhilarating and fun and can keep them on the straight and narrow when some of their peers may seek excitement in more dangerous hobbies. 

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