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5 Reasons why Jujitsu is Safe for Kids

15 January 2023

Parents worry about the safety of their children all the time. It's a natural reaction; after all, we want our kids to be safe and healthy and happy. So it's no surprise that many parents have questions about jujitsu and its safety for kids. In this article, we'll dispel some of the myths about jujitsu and show you why it can be a safe and rewarding activity for your child.

Jujitsu is a Non-Violent Martial Art

Jujitsu is often confused with other, more aggressive martial arts such as karate or taekwondo. But jujitsu is actually a non-violent martial art that emphasises self-defence and control, rather than aggression. Rather than trying to overpower an opponent through brute force, techniques like joint locks and pressure points are used to immobilise and control attackers. This means that even young children can learn how to defend themselves without resorting to violence or destructive behaviour. By learning jujitsu, your child will not only learn how to defend themselves but also how to control their own aggression and avoid hurting others.

Jujitsu Teaches Self-Discipline and Respect

Jujitsu is a great choice for kids because it promotes self-discipline and respect. By learning the principles of jujitsu, young people learn how to control their bodies and respond appropriately to challenges. They also learn how to maintain focus and remain calm in stressful situations. Additionally, by learning about the values of honour, integrity, and perseverance, kids can develop positive character traits that will serve them well throughout life. With its emphasis on safety and respect, jujitsu is truly a great activity for kids of all ages.

Jujitsu Helps Build Confidence

Jujitsu is an incredibly safe and confidence-building activity for kids. This is because it focuses on forging strong technique rather than pure strength or domination, which allows kids of all sizes and abilities to thrive. Many kids lack confidence in themselves and their abilities, and jujitsu can help boost a child's self-confidence by teaching them that they have the power to defend themselves, no matter how big or strong their opponent may be.

Jujitsu Helps Kids Stay Fit and Active

In today's world of computer games and TV, it's more important than ever for kids to stay active and get regular exercise. Jujitsu is a great way for kids to do this, as it's an energetic and physically demanding activity. One of the benefits of jujitsu is that it teaches students how to fall without injuring themselves. This is especially important for kids, who are more likely to take a tumble while playing. And because Jujitsu is a non-violent martial art, it provides an outlet for kids to release energy without resorting to aggression.

Jujitsu can be a Family Activity

When it comes to finding an activity that kids and parents can enjoy together, few options are as ideal as jujitsu. This form of martial arts is not only physically challenging and fun, but it is also extremely safe for kids. Because each class involves both individual practice and group instruction, parents can work with their children side by side on techniques or simply watch from the sidelines while their child learns new skills.

So if you're looking for something safe and rewarding for your child to try, consider signing them up for jujitsu classes. They'll love the physical challenge and sense of accomplishment they'll gain from this unique martial art. And they'll learn important life lessons along the way too!

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