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5 Biggest Martial Arts Events in the UK for Kids

10 January 2023

Martial arts events in the UK for kids are easy to find and great fun. Here are the 5 biggest martial arts events in the UK for your little ones.


Set in the famous Doncaster Dome, the UK Martial Arts Show offers a full weekend of fighting and fitness filled fun. It offers a tremendous range of events, all the way from demonstrations of martial arts, to meet and greets with the biggest martial arts stars in the world. Although intended for older children and adults, you can bring your smaller children along to inspire them along their martial arts journey. Consider buying them the latest martial arts equipment (which is available to purchase), and take a couple of those free martial arts classes while you’re at it!

Kaizen Martial Arts Expo

This award-winning martial arts event offers training sessions, demonstrations and seminars so you can learn from the best in the UK martial arts scene. Bring your kids along for a taste of a huge selection of martial arts, they’re sure to have a great time learning and watching some types they definitely won’t have come across before. This expo is held in Nottingham for one day only, so grab your tickets quickly and don’t miss out!

Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors is the UK’s premier mixed martial arts event. Held multiple times during the year, this incredible event hosts the best of the best martial artists fighting it out for the Cage Warriors title. Older kids in particular are more suited to this event, and will love the atmosphere of a professional martial arts fight. If they aren’t martial artists at present, watching this enthralling event can light that spark within them to pursue martial arts more seriously. Fun fact: Conor McGregor fought in the Cage Warriors organisation before moving into the UFC!

UFC London

If you’re looking for the world’s best martial arts, look no further than the UFC. This fighting organisation is known for putting on the most exciting martial arts fights the world has ever seen. UFC London happens once or twice a year at the O2 arena - with stars like Darren Till and Paddy Pimblett fighting on the card in recent years. Although not suitable for younger kids, the older ones can have a blast watching their martial arts heroes fight it out for glory.


Muay Thai is one of the world’s biggest martial arts, and the YOKKAO Seminar Tour is a great way to learn more about it. Built for Muay Thai fans, this event is headlined by Saenchai - widely renowned as the greatest Muay Thai artist of all time. This tour will give your young ones the chance to learn from one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, and a few lucky ones may even have the opportunity to spar with him. 

If your kids are looking to get into martial arts, or are already martial arts fanatics - make sure to check out the events above for a great day out!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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