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Is Hoop a Dating App?

12 January 2024

Hoop is not a dating app. However, you may be getting us mixed up with a plug-in for Snapchat with the same name!

Hoop is a healthy events app for parents to help them find local things to do for their children. All our events are based on children or family events, and organisers agree to our conditions that include:

  • List only safe classes/events/camps.
  • All events must be monitored by appropriately trained leaders or teachers.
  • Be honest with how you list your event.
  • Necessary insurance must be in place.
  • Always be kind.
  • All events must be healthy for children.

The Snapchat plugin, with the same name, was released after our Hoop was created. It is frustrating for us that there is an app with the same name, but that’s life and we still feel most people find us because they realise that we are not linked in any way to Snapchat.

Hoop is a family-friendly, healthy activities app that helps parents find amazing, healthy, local, and in many cases, free events for children. We also list camps, and classes too. We cater for children from ages 0 to 18.

We are keen to get the support from our community, so please share Hoop with your friends and help us grow. We’re unfunded, but we are determined to get this app to 1,000,000 people. Please help to keep kids healthy.

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