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Top 5 Summer Water Activities For Kids

8 August 2023

As the weather gets warmer, it's the perfect time to get outside and enjoy some water activities. Here are five ideas to help you make the most of a British heatwave. Make sure you supervise younger children at all times when around water.

Water balloon fight

Water balloon fights are a timeless summer tradition for a reason - they're just plain fun! Simply buy some water balloons, fill them up at a tap, tie them up and get throwing. Make sure everyone is ready before you start - wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet, put non-waterproof electronics and valuables away somewhere dry, and warn anyone around who might not be happy about being caught in the middle. Water balloon fights can be messy, but they're an excellent way to keep cool and have fun.

Sprinkler play

A simple and affordable way to keep your kids cool on hot days is to set up a sprinkler in the garden. Whether you opt for a hose-attached sprinkler or a stand-alone unit, kids (and dogs) will enjoy running through the spray. Just be sure to supervise them closely to avoid any slips and falls. If you've got multiple kids, chances are they'll quickly get bored with a traditional sprinkler. To keep things interesting, try setting up an obstacle course or using hula hoops to create targets for them to aim for.

Homemade waterslide

Set up a makeshift waterslide in your garden for hours of sliding fun. You only need some tarpaulin, washing-up liquid, and a garden hose. Lay the tarpaulin flat on the ground and cover it with soapy water. Then, turn on the hose and let your little ones slip and slide to their heart's content. Just be sure to keep an eye on them, so they don't bump into each other or dive into the ground too hard and get hurt. Consider setting up a paddling pool at the bottom of the slide to cushion their landing.

Water gun fun

If you're looking for a water activity that will be a hit with your kids, why not try a good old-fashioned water pistol fight? Water guns come in all shapes and sizes these days, so you're sure to find ones that suit your budget and children’s ages. Just be sure to set some ground rules before you start shooting - for example, no aiming for the face, and everyone must stay within a certain area. Water gun fights are a great way to cool down on a hot day, and you’re sure to have a good laugh. 

Paddling pool party

If you've got a decent sized paddling pool, make the most of it with a pool party. Invite friends and get some toys for the pool, like balls and a mini basketball hoop. You could have a treasure hunt by hiding small toys around the garden for the kids to find. Set up a picnic table with refreshments like fresh fruit, sandwiches, crisps and jelly, and plenty of cold drinks to keep everyone hydrated. Make sure you’re all protected from sunburn - consider putting t-shirts on the kids to keep their delicate skin safe. 

There are many great ways to enjoy water activities with your kids this summer. With a little imagination, you can come up with all sorts of fun games and challenges to keep them entertained for hours on end. So get out there and make some memories!

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