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The Benefits of Sending your Kids on Summer Camps

9 June 2023

Summer camp is a wonderful, fun experience where kids get to try new activities and meet new friends. They are freed from everyday life and immersed in the outdoors. They return home happy and fit, bursting with stories about what they got up to. But perhaps you’re not sure exactly what benefits your children will gain? If so, read on.

Physical benefits

Camp increases physical fitness. Kids are constantly active at camp. They develop strength and flexibility using muscle groups they haven’t used before. They discover their body can do things they weren’t aware of before. Their hand-eye coordination and balance improve. They develop stamina without realising it as they are focused on fun or the activity goals. With their new skills, they might continue these sports. 

Confidence and resilience

Summer Camps increase kids’ confidence as they rise to challenges and learn new skills. They learn to operate within a group and gain encouragement from their peers. They see that others manage things so they are more likely to try themselves. Each achievement builds their self-esteem. They gain a sense of self-worth as well as an understanding of themselves and others. It's easy to make friends as they face challenges together.

Camp increases mental strength and resilience. Mastering new skills like windsurfing take persistence and determination. Kids need to focus and exercise concentration in the challenges. An activity like abseiling involves a certain amount of risk but at camp the instructors are there to keep everyone safe. Children learn how to navigate risk and keep themselves and others safe. 

Social skills and new friends

At camp, they meet new friends and develop social skills in a face-to-face setting. Most camps are digital-free zones. They are not judged by the number of likes or shares their comments inspire but by real-life reactions. The feeling of self-worth is deep and real. They might work collaboratively on a sport or construction activity and they can bond over group activities. They learn from each other. They see that they need to try again when things don’t work out, together. The other children may be from diverse backgrounds so it broadens children’s perception of society while doing things as simple as sharing marshmallows around a campfire. They develop friendships that may even be lifelong.

Problem solving and teamwork

Kids learn to solve problems without resorting to tech. They might learn to build rafts or shelters. Often they are learning to work efficiently and effectively as a team. They can exercise leadership or see that contributions from different people mean you can achieve more than just by yourself. They learn responsibility for others in a supportive atmosphere, including everyone, making sure no one is left behind. They gain an understanding of themselves and others.

Love of nature

Camp can inspire a lifelong love of nature. Staying overnight outdoors can be a profound experience. It changes children’s perception of themselves and their place in the world as they contemplate star-filled skies and watch dawns and sunsets. Their senses are immersed in birdsong, the wind in the trees, the smell of damp woodland or the sea. Learning bushcraft gives them an empowering connection to nature.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a summer camp for your kids now and see how much they develop during their week away.

Photo by vjapratama

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