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5 Best Summer Camps for Young Tech Lovers

5 June 2023

It’s summer! If your child prefers sitting in front of a computer to running around outside, do not despair. These days, there are plenty of summer camps catering to young tech lovers. Whether your child is interested in coding, robotics, or wants to learn more about technology, there's an activity programme out there for them. Here are five of the best:

Tech Camp Summer Residential Camp

Tech Camp Summer Residential Camp is one of the best tech summer camps for kids. Running at several venues in South East England, the camp offers a variety of fun, educational activities for ages 8-17. Themed courses teach children practical engineering and coding skills through building their own devices, including 3D printers, remote controlled racing cars, and battle robots. They’ll come home with enhanced skills, new friends, and lots of fun memories.

FunTech Holiday Camp

FunTech Holiday Camp offers a range of residential, day and online camps for children aged 7-16 in London and the South of England, with the residential camp based at prestigious Tonbridge School. The courses teach skills including coding, typing and robotics using popular games and toys like Minecraft, Lego and Roblox. There are opportunities to take part in games and sports activities at lunchtime and in the evenings on the residential courses and your kids are sure to have fun and make new friends.

Ultimate Tech Camp

This course for 8-14 year olds is hands-on with technology and gaming and covers a wide range of topics during its four days. Projects include building their own arcade games, gadgets and robotics, along with coding and web design. Your children will have fun while learning valuable skills for the 21st century. If you have other kids who are more sporty, the same venues run the Ultimate Activity camp and many also run Ultimate Survival, so you can send them together. 

Code Camp Summer Camp

If your kids want to know how to code apps but aren’t sure where to start, Spark Camp by Code Camp is an excellent choice. Aimed at beginner coders aged 7-12, the course teaches visual drag-and-drop coding so children can build fun, exciting games. They can continue to use these tools after the course to build on their skills. YouTube Creators Camp is another popular course that teaches kids aged 8-13 how to create and edit videos and market their content. 

aweSTEM Summer Holiday Camp

Located in Guildford, Surrey, AweSTEM Holiday Camp is the perfect place for kids interested in technology, programming, engineering, and scientific design. The course includes a mix of computer use, including coding, Minecraft game design and robotics, along with screen-free activities like LEGO engineering and Show and Tell demonstrations of their work. 

There are many excellent summer camps for young tech lovers. These camps allow kids to get hands-on experience of coding, robotics, engineering and many more topics, equipping them with skills for their future while they have fun and make friends.

Photo by Vanessa Loring

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