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5 Things to do in Bristol this Half Term for Kids

12 June 2023

Picture this: after a long few weeks at school, the kids are finally on their half-term break. Half-term is always a great opportunity for the whole family to bond over some fun activities. In Bristol, there is no shortage of things to do to pique your and your children’s interests. Check out these 5 great things to do in Bristol this half term:

Private Wildcrafting and Foraging

You might think this is an adult activity, but it’s one of the most enjoyed activities by families in Bristol. We recommend contacting a guide in Bristol for foraging walks - these guides are the best at what they do and will make sure the entire family enjoys the experience. 

During these walks, you will learn how to identify different plants and discover how to use them to your advantage. Your kids will feel like Bear Grylls after they’re done! Once you are done with the activity, you will realise that this was something that you and your kids needed to learn about. Who knows? It might be very useful information one day.

Fly through history at Aerospace Bristol

We all loved aeroplanes and flying machines as children - and your little ones are likely no different. At Aerospace Bristol, there’s no shortage of amazing machines to admire. Not only does it house some of the best exhibits in the entire world, but the exhibits are very well presented in a historical timeline. The most exciting part of this trip will be the opportunity to experience what it is like to get on board a Concorde aeroplane. 

Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 

The great thing about visiting the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is that there are so many activities to do and exhibits to see. Every room you visit will be filled with artwork that will blow your mind. Kids in particular are big fans of the dinosaur exhibit, so make sure not to miss these!

For families with very young children - the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery will take good care of you. The interactive areas dedicated to animals and dinosaurs are particularly popular with children and the Curiosity area for under 5s gives them opportunities to play with puppets and act on a stage. 

Step back in time in Brunel’s SS Great Britain

One of the most glorious eras in the history of Great Britain is the Victorian era. There is no better way to take the entire family back in time and experience this era in one of its most celebrated ships - Brunel’s SS Great Britain. This was the most powerful ship on earth when it was created. Once you get there, you’ll realise it still has the same smell, sound, and environment as a real voyage back in the Victorian era.

Wild Place Project

Located in Blackhorse Hill, Bristol, this zoo is the perfect place to visit when the kids are on their half-term break. You will be visiting a vast land around 50 acres wide, filled with animals and wildlife. Aside from having a look at all the wonderful animals in this zoo, there are tons of other fun activities that the whole family can enjoy. You don't want to miss the Congo Bongo, Barefoot Trail, the Fun Fort, and the Leap of Faith! They have great pizza as well, so be sure to check out their Pizzeria for lunch.

Now you know exactly where to go this half-term in Bristol!

Photo by Nathan Riley on Unsplash

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