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What is there for Kids at a Festival?

18 July 2023

Adults often wonder if there will be enough to amuse their children at a festival and whether it is worthwhile bringing them along to enjoy the adventure. It depends on the festival but some can be very accommodating for children and have activities that are specially designed for their needs. It is worth investigating in advance and ensuring that children are welcome at the festival that you wish to attend.

Which Child-Focused Activities Are There at Festivals?

There are any number of activities that are custom designed to appeal to children and we have looked at some of these in more detail below. 

Workshops, storytelling and performances

At festivals with a strong family element, there may be workshops where kids can have a go at arts and crafts, drama, music, dancing or sports activities. These may be drop-in or may require pre-booking. Storytelling sessions are popular, especially with little ones, and some festivals even arrange for favourite children's characters to be in attendance. Similarly, there may be theatre or circus acts to entertain the kids.

Face Painting

Always a fun and popular activity, face painting can really add to the enjoyment of an event. The kids have free rein to take on the persona of a tiger and roar their way around the festival, encouraged by the amused grins and fake fear of all the adults playing along around them. It can be a good way to encourage dramatic expression and allow them to explore their interests. If they are painted as a tiger, you can help them to learn useful facts about tigers while their interest is on the subject or tell them awful tiger jokes like: “What’s striped and bouncy? A tiger on a pogo stick!”. You’re welcome. 

Soft Play Areas and Bouncy Castles

Some festivals have dedicated entertainment areas for children with climbing equipment and soft play so that they can be amused in a safe and supervised environment. Bouncy castles are always a popular way for children to spend some time having fun, particularly for some of the younger ones who may not have the patience to last the whole day doing things that the adults enjoy. 

Creches and Qualified Babysitters

Some festivals will provide creche facilities and qualified babysitters so that the adults can take some time to enjoy the festival together like they used to do before the children came along. This can be a lovely opportunity to see your favourite act together, and maybe share the magic of catching your favourite song being played live. 

Remember to come back for them though, the creche won’t keep them forever! It is also important that where there are creche and babysitting facilities that you book the time slot that you are looking for in advance, as availability tends to be tight on the day and you may not be able to get a place. 

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