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How Can I Survive a Festival with my Kids?

20 July 2023

There are many fun festivals throughout the UK that you can attend with your kids and these can either be amazing family bonding experiences or the seventh level of hell, depending on how they go. We have compiled some ideas in order to try to ensure that everyone has fun and that they aren’t too stressful for all of you. 

Preparation and Planning are Key

Take the time to think carefully about everything that you might need to take with you, and make a checklist if necessary to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Try to figure out the exact location in advance and the transport options. Where is the car park in relation to the stages, or where does the bus drop you off? Who do you want to see at the festival, what stage are they playing at, and at what time? 

Try to plan out your itinerary but at the same time don’t be too distraught if you can’t stick to all of it. A combination of prior planning and a flexible attitude to change will be the order of the day. 

Bring Plenty of Snacks

We really can’t emphasise this tip more. There is no guarantee that your kids will like the food that is available at the festival stalls and it can be incredibly expensive, so try as far as possible to bring snacks that your kids like and will eat, so that they can keep their energy levels up and avoid, or at least reduce grumpiness. There will often be free water points on-site so taking refillable bottles will avoid plastic waste while you are there. 

Prepare for all Weathers

We all know how changeable the weather can be and festivals can be miserable if you get it wrong in terms of clothing choices. Ensure you have suitable backpacks but also try not to overpack, as you will have to take them with you all day. Getting the balance right is the key to maximising the chances of an enjoyable time.  

Bring sunscreen and waterproofs, as well as extra layers of clothing in case you are staying later in the evening, as no matter how warm it has been during the day, it will inevitably turn cold as it gets later. 

Consider Buying a Festival Trolley

A festival trolley is a sturdy, usually foldable trolley that a child can sit in and be pulled along when they get tired legs. There can be a lot of walking at festivals and this is a great idea if you are at one of the larger ones as it will stop some of the complaining when little legs get sore. It is also so much easier than carrying the kids a long way yourself. You can even put some of your bags in the trolley to take some of the weight off. The kids can use them as pillows to sleep if it all gets too much for them.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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