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How to Make Halloween Less Scary for Toddlers

25 March 2023

Halloween can be a fun time for kids, but the frightening aspects of the holiday might be too much for little ones. We’ve put together some tips for how you can make the experience less scary if you have toddlers.

Decorate Together

Get your toddlers involved when you’re decorating your house and outdoor areas for Halloween. This will give you an opportunity to spend time with them and explain some more about what the holiday will involve. By handling the spooky decorations, they can understand that the house isn’t covered in real spiders and their webs. Kids love getting messy with paints, glue and other arty materials.

Watch some age-appropriate Halloween TV

Check whether there’s any Halloween themed episodes of your child’s favourite TV shows. Have a search on YouTube, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services. Seeing familiar characters enjoying Halloween festivities will help your little one understand what it’s all about. 

Choose their Costume Carefully

One of the most important things to consider when trick-or-treating with your toddler is what costume they will wear. An outfit that is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and might cause them to trip and fall. Make sure they can see where they’re going - face paint might work better than a mask, which could cover their eyes. You don’t want your child to be scared by their own appearance, so pick a costume they are happy with. 

Go Trick-or-Treating with them

Going trick-or-treating with your toddler can help make Halloween less scary for them. Parents should go rather than older siblings because they can help keep their little ones calm and provide support if they get scared. Seeing mum or dad enjoying themselves can also make the experience more enjoyable for toddlers. If your child does get scared, try to stay positive and reassure them that it's make-believe. Explain what's happening so that they can understand, and offer them reassurance and support.

Have a Backup Plan

An essential part of Halloween with toddlers is to have a backup plan. If your toddler gets scared while trick-or-treating, having a plan to fall back on can help to ease their fears. For example, you might agree to take them home if they get too scared or let them choose which houses to visit. 

Halloween doesn't have to be a scary holiday for toddlers. With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can make it fun for them. By decorating together, carefully choosing their costumes, and going trick-or-treating with them, you can help make Halloween something your kids get excited about every year.

Photo by Helena Lopes

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