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5 Halloween Events in the UK for Kids

26 March 2023

The UK is full of fantastic Halloween events this year, so we have put together a list of 5 Halloween Events in the UK that your kids will enjoy! 

Shriek Week at Drusillas

Drusillas Park is a great attraction to bring your children to, but it becomes an even better one during the month of October. This park is gearing up for a frightful half-term in October - with haunting décor such as pumpkins, spiders’ webs and skeletons. To go along with its spooky exterior design, the park will also play host to a wonderful array of live-action experiences. These include a haunted house consisting of cobwebbed corridors, and Hocus & Pocus playing hide and seek with an unsuspecting public.

There is also a Mummy Mayhem event, with the ancient mummy Mungo wandering through the shadowy twists of the terror maze. You and your children will need to venture into the old temple ruins to discover the mystery hidden within it.

You can go along to the Discovery Centre which will be playing host to the Creepy Crawly Encounters. The centre will be full up with creepy insects such as millipedes, mealworms, locusts and a special Asian forest scorpion!


Liverpool is full of terrifying and unsettling tales. Shiverpool makes the most of that history! These year-round ghost tours are a great way of kickstarting your Halloween. They immerse you and your family in a 90-minute walk through the city’s haunted past. The tour guides are excellent - thrilling you with all the history and introducing the best sinister sites the city has to offer.

Shiverpool is, despite the creepiness, suitable for all ages and is a great option for kids. The guides often dress up in Victorian garb to add that extra bit of eeriness to proceedings.

If the ghost walks aren’t to your taste, you can go along to one of their comedy-horror road trips or explore the former city morgue!

Sick to Death

A unique experience is to be found at Sick to Death in Chester. Take a peek into the rather gory history of medicine by walking through a talking graveyard. The fake skeletons are there to inform you all about a person’s life. You can also get a taste of the autopsy room!

If this isn’t enough to give you the shivers, have a wander through the Museum’s permanent exhibition of medical instruments which is brought to life with an array of Halloween decorations.

Dark Arts at The Making of Harry Potter

The Making of Harry Potter Studios goes the extra mile over the Halloween season, with the exhibition being transformed into something a little more scary. Embracing a Dark Arts Theme, the studio is a must-visit for any Harry Potter fan. They will get to see the great hall redecorated with hanging lanterns and the halls of the castle filled with Death Eaters.  

The London Dungeons

When you think of spooks and scares, surely one of the first places that comes to mind are the London Dungeons? Providing the capital city with frightening stories, jump scares and unsettling attractions for many years – the London Dungeons are still the true capital of scary in the UK.

During the month of October, the London Dungeons team go a step further with the addition of an exclusive Halloween show – alongside the usual cast of creepy characters, haunting tales and spooky rides.

If you can’t get yourself down to London in October, then have a look at visiting the Blackpool Dungeons or the York Dungeons which are also putting on their own spooky events.

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