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5 Halloween Events in London for Kids

25 March 2023

Finding it difficult to get your kids feeling spooky and scary this Halloween season? How about taking your little ones to a frightening Halloween event? Here are the top 5 Halloween events in the London area for kids. 

The London Dungeons

Where else could you find a spooky Halloween event but the London Dungeons? The Dungeons are the true home of all that is spooky in the capital city - providing year-round jump scares, frights and terrifying stories about the city’s rather gruesome history. However, the Dungeons go a step further when it gets to autumn.

They add new haunting tales, rides and a whole lot more Halloween-themed characters to scare you and your children. And remember, this is an exclusive Halloween show so make sure to come by during the month of October or you’ll miss it.

P.S. If you find yourself out of the capital during October, then why not try the Blackpool or York Dungeons instead?

The Ghost Bus Tours

The Ghost Bus Tours depart from Northumberland Avenue daily and provide a 1 hour 15 minute ride through London. You’ll encounter all of the capital’s greatest attractions including: London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament (and more).

To go along with this ride, there are accompanying stories and tales about the famous landmarks and their haunted history. It’s a great way of seeing the most interesting and the spookiest parts of London without your children needing to walk all over the city – which can be quite a trek in the cold weather!

Dark Arts at The Making of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter studios, based a short journey north of London, are a fantastic visit for the family at any time of the year. The studios are a magical place full of props, sets and costumes that have been maintained and restored. The permanent exhibition is a mind-blowing experience for any Potterheads out there.

However, for new visitors and regular-goers alike, the Warner Brothers Studios make an extra effort over Halloween. The Harry Potter exhibition undergoes a spooky makeover from October till November with a special Dark Arts theme. The Great Hall (spoilers incoming!) is redecorated with hanging, flickering pumpkins, or rather jack-o’-lanterns.

Whilst you’re there - watch out. There are even more Death Eaters out and about, wandering around the set looking rather terrifying. Although they are more than happy to show off their wonderful wand stances, beautiful choreography and costumes. Perhaps they’re not so scary after all?


Wicked is quickly becoming a staple of the London theatre scene. If you are yet to see it, then it’s a great opportunity for you and your children to experience together. The show, which you can find lots of wonderful reviews of online, is a musical backstory of the Wicked Witch of the West. It is the perfect amount of scary for the little ones and will delight them with the upbeat tempo, beautiful sets and rapid costume changes.

Pumpkin Picking

What screams Halloween more than picking your own pumpkins? For those of you with easily frightened children, or ones that just aren’t too into Halloween – pumpkin picking is great fun for the whole family no matter how you feel about Halloween. There are lots of fantastic and easy to reach sites from the capital!

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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