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5 Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

25 March 2023

You’ll probably be familiar with children trick or treating on Halloween, but there are so many more activities that they can enjoy at this spooky time of year. Read on for some suggestions:

Watch scary movies

Halloween is a great opportunity to enjoy some frightening movies, but it’s essential you choose a film that’s appropriate for your children’s ages. Many streaming services have collections of Halloween themed content to choose from, which will include movies and special episodes of TV shows. If you’re unsure what will be suitable for your whole family, check the age ratings and recommendations for each title, or look at the Parents’ Guide on IMDb.com, where it will detail any content children might find disturbing. Get some popcorn and other snacks and sit down for a family movie night.

Make Halloween decorations

Get the kids in the Halloween spirit by making some decorations and putting them around the house. You can buy materials, or re-use ones from around the house, like cotton wool, pipe cleaners, washable paints and cardboard. Make sure to supervise kids when using scissors. They’ll enjoy getting creative and making the house and garden look spooky, ready to welcome friends, family and trick or treaters. 

Carve pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a fun Halloween activity for kids because it's a chance to be creative and messy. Most kids love getting their hands dirty, and carving pumpkins is the perfect opportunity to do that. Working together with family or friends to create the perfect pumpkin can be a fun and memorable experience. And, of course, seeing the final product is always satisfying. Just be sure to supervise the kids while they’re using sharp objects.

Have a fancy-dress party

Halloween is a time for dress-up and make-believe, and what better way to celebrate than throwing a costume party? Kids love getting the chance to show off their creative costumes, and a party allows them to strut their stuff in front of an audience. Play some games and put on some music so everyone can dance. Don’t forget to buy or make some spooky snacks and drinks.

Visit a haunted house

A visit to a haunted house is a quintessential Halloween activity for kids. It’s an opportunity to test their bravery and potentially conquer their fears. Of course, not all kids are ready for a haunted house at the same age - the important thing is to gauge your child's reaction to scares and make sure they're comfortable with the idea before taking them.

Halloween is a time for kids to have fun and be creative. Children can enjoy many activities during the holiday, from carving pumpkins to visiting haunted houses. Choose the appropriate activity for your child's age and interests, and you're sure to create some lasting memories this Halloween.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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