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Hoop’s Summer Lovin’

2 June 2017

Here we go again, this is our biggest rollout yet and makes Hoop available to another 7.5 million people. This time Hoop rolls down south, and we’re so happy to be helping families in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, West Berkshire, Milton Keynes, West Sussex, East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey to find tons of new and exciting activities.

We’ve discovered a massive array of fun family activities in these counties and we’re really eager to share them all with you. With the first signs of summer well and truly upon us, we wanted to highlight the events that’ll let you soak up the glorious sunshine.

For those of you in Oxfordshire, head to Blenheim Palace and take a trip to the Middle Ages to gaze upon gallant knights at their annual jousting tournament. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, take a walk on the wild side and celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of Madagascar at the Railway Land Festival in East Sussex. Is there any better way to inspire the next David Attenborough?

There’s also plenty to do for all of those brave swashbucklers in Hampshire & Wiltshire this summer. Dress up as Jack Sparrow and make sure you’ve got your sea legs before you explore the haunted shipwreck at the Salisbury Arts Centre, or get those legs into gear and bop and groove at The Pesky Pirates Hip Hop Adventure in Hampshire.

It’s been an absolute joy to help families experience some unforgettable activities and it’s our plan to help many more find their next wonderful day out. Next up, we’re travelling North to bring Hoop to Yorkshire!

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